Cutting back for overgrowth

I have a plant that has done more then I expected. It is already too close to the light for my comfort. It is from a 10-40 year old seed from a bunch I saved over the years. It is growing next to an autoflower which will be harvested in 2-3 weeks. The plant in question was doing extreamly poorly and almost threw it out but took a chance. Now it is taking over and I need to know if I can cut it back 6 inches or so. If I can, I plan on letting recup a bit then change the light cycle to 12/12. One other thing if you don’t mind and can answer. It has shown pre-flower signs. Wonder how that can be. The pic shows the pre-flower I beleive. If that is wrong, please correct me. Thanks for getting this far, lol. Thanks for any replies. OM LP

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Thanks oldmarine.