Cut undergrowth?


I have 2 nla flowering and one the undergrowth is thick. They look like 2 different plants.

Leave it or cut the popcorn?

Personally, I cut the small growth from the lower canopy. It allows for more energy to go into the top growth to make bigger buds. You don’t have to though. :v:

This is my first auto grow and I keep reading not to touch. Cool I’m going to trim.


That seems to be a really hard question to answer because like you I keep hearing that Autos do not like to be messed with and when you think about it they only have a certain amount of time to grow so it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to hinder that… I only mess with fems and I don’t like to usually cut them up either unless I’m taking all the undergrowth from under the scrog but even then there’s only a certain amount you can take before you start to really anger the plant so i tend to do alot of bending and tieing down when no more can be cut…


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Just went through and did a little trim under. Way too many little runners. So the experiment begins with messing with the girls.

You cut the sucker leaves on your plants


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That’s a beautiful girl

No ,I never cut fan leaves … They are the lungs of your plant , the plant won’t grow without them… I only cut the little branches under the canopy that will never see light…


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Wasn’t the leaves it’s those little stems with some fluff on the. Leaves are to be loved and cared for

If you cut the sucker Leaf new sprouts come up you tell me you’re not supposed to do that

They will grow from the stalk without you cutting fan leaves though, so there’s really no need to trim fan leaves unless it’s your preference :v: