Cut those suckers off?

This Blue Dream is about 3 weeks old and just started node 4. Should I cut off the little suckers (as tomato farmers call them) between the stem and leaves or are they pretty much harmless? The two sisters will eventually become a scrog anyway. Thanks for any advice!:thumbsup:

No No No do NOT cut those lol . Those are going to turn into your bud sites . Most people never trim green healthy looking leafs unless you are using a scrog or other type of low stress training (LST )

seesee how they start and then they will grow together to dorm one larger bud . Good luck


Ok, I’ll leave them little suckers alone. Thanks for the help!:ok_hand:


Great seed choice. Mine is growing like crazy.

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Soil? Show some porn!:wink:

Sorry, all hydro. Plant was a seed Aug 1. 17 clones later… LST today. Going through 3 gallon of nutes in 2 days now.


Beautiful job!