Cut the yellow?


My plants are in the flowering stage and are growing buds…the leaves toward the bottom are starting to yellow ( I assume due to the fact they are losing light due to other leaves) should I snip the yellow off? Pic


I think this is a situation that you will find lots of different opinions. I can tell you that, for me personally, I don’t snip the yellow leaves.

I will go through my plants every night and if I see leaves that have dropped I will remove them from the soil. I then go through my plants and check for yellow leaves. If they can’t be removed easily by light touch, they stay. Eventually they either pop off the plant easily or drop on their own. :heart: :green_heart:


@rodri59 ok. When I get home from work I will check. Is it safe to assume that I will be running into yellow leaves now that the plant is getting taller and flowering?


Oh yup yup, perfectly normal. The plant is raiding its leaves to pump nutrients and energy to your flowers. As long as you don’t have a whole bunch yellow up over night, you are fine. How far into flower are they?


About 2 weeks. This is my first grow and it’s an auto, so I didn’t have to switch lighting. They just started growing white pistils and buds.


Awesome, okay they are pretty early in flower, so keep an eye on the yellowing.

I grow photo so not any real experience with autos, but I am thinking you have at least a month or 6 weeks (or more) to go.

Typically you don’t count the first 2 weeks in flower, its an adjustment period for them. Maybe someone with auto experience will weigh in here. but I think you are fine with one or two yellowing leaves now and then at this point. :high_brightness:


did you start to feed flower nutrients ?
If not this may be your cause of the yellowing leaves
They will start to loose leaves in flower but typically that’s towards the end of flower
And it starts from the bottom up FYI


I fed on Thursday with a little bit of the GH Flora series nutrients. It was the first feeding. I watered them yesterday with no nutrients. I was reading it’s best to take it slowly at first when introducing nutrients. So I did about an 1/8 strength. The yellow leaves are on the bottom. It’s only 2 leaves on one of the plants.


I wouldn’t stress it too much
Watch them you may need to bump you nutes up tho but starting slowly is a good idea
I personally feed full streaght just less of it when I first start feeding
So I’ll only give say 1/4 gal of nutrients mix after I put say a gallon of ph water through pot then I’ll add the
Remind me of soil type ?


FFOF soil. So instead of cutting back the actual nutrients, you just feed then a smaller portion of water?


Natural yellow I leave (on this and other plants) like @rodri59 said. I think it’s more of a judgement call if they are dying leaves due to a deficiency or nutrient problem.

I should add that I think this is because if leaves are damaged, plant energy will be spent repairing them. If they yellow and drop naturally, the plant has already given up on them.


Yup pick em if you like not going to make any difference but like @rodri59 said thay will fall off when ready



Perfect. Any insight into what the picture could be caused by? I have 3 plants in the tent and 2 different leaves on the same plant have the marks. I first saw it like a month back and didn’t think anything of it because leaves that grew after were fine. I just want to make sure I nip it in the bud before anything. I know it’s not from nutrients as I wasn’t using any the first time I noticed it on one leaf…


It may have been a slight ph issue that you corrected
I wouldn’t worry to much if it hasn’t gotten worse
And as you stated the growth behind it was healthy
Also if you started them in ffof you may have been a little to hot for the seedling ? @dmykins


@Countryboyjvd1971 it was on like the second set of leaves, has been fine and I now noticed it on like the 5th set of leaves. But again there are leaves that have grown after it and are fine.


Once they get damage like that, it will never go “back to normal”, but the spots not getting worse and new leaves showing no similar problems should mean to just keep doin’ what you’re doin’


Man don’t even stress about that if it was a problem it’s fixed now!!


Sweet thanks guys. I just looked at them quick and I noticed it on another leaf, again just random leaves. And there is new growth with no issues…I guess I will just monitor to make sure nothing new has it. It just seems to be random.