Cut the leaves?

Question from a fellow grower:

I planted six seeds of white widow on September 2nd. Only 3 took off to grow well. On October 5th,after 33 days of growing,about 1/3 up to the lights,I switched the bulbs to flower bulbs and cut the light time from 18 hours to 12. The three plants are 3/4 up to the lights but are still not flowering.
Should I cut them back from the top,they are very bushy? Will this promote flowering? If cured properly,can you get high on just the leaves?
I could send you a picture but was advised against this by one of your columns.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve heard that when you switch to flowering, the plants will have a growth spurt. I will defer to others, but I believe it slows down.

Can you train the plants down, and a bit further from the lights? I think you just need to give it more time to do it’s thing and it will flower.

On pictures, you just need to edit out data from the file, such as GPS and other things. Pictures, along with the proper info about the grow / envronmental factors will help provide you with the best answers, imho.

I really don’t think big brother is watching this forum, If they want to spend money they can come to my house I had 6 plants. :sunglasses::deciduous_tree:. But who knows. Pictures really help to get you answers to your questions. The leaves have some THC in them so yes they will. But they will taste harsh. You would be better off to use the to make butter for brownies.



If your plants are done stretching, then you may be OK to just tie back top branches in order to allow light to lower branches. Cutting the tops off will just make you plant bushier, and this may not be a good idea if the plant has already filled up your grow space. You always want some space around the plant to allow for air circulation.