Cut stem prematurely

Hey guys ,I cut a stem after it broke .(I didn’t know you could fix it ). It’s about 8” with 4 good size buds on it . I trimmed it and put it in a dark closet on a hanger . I plan on taking it out and putting it in a mason jar after 7 days . Any advice givin is much appreciated.

Also I cut it after 21/2 weeks into flowering .

Pics or it didn’t happen. :slight_smile: It is completely broken or cut off?

Yeah, not much you can do about that. Make the best of it.

Looks like some of the pistils may have darkened so there may be something there. You will be lucky to get a fair size joint once it is dry so it’s hardly worth trying to “cure”. Just dry it and smoke it.
At worst, you will get a speedy, anxious, short lived buzz from it.
At best, it will be kick azz and lay you out. LOL

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