Cut, or Not to Cut, that is the Question?

Hello fellow Growmies!!! Need a second set of eyes please. I’m hesitant, I’m seeing mostly cloudy trikes, some already brown, but I’m just not sure. I’ve compared with all the Trichomes pics and tricks, but just want a second opinion.

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The trichs on the sugar leaves will turn first. Best if you can get closer, and this is a quick reference:

  1. Clear trichs look like glass
  2. Cloudy trichs look like plastic
  3. Amber trichs, look… Amber :wink:

Do you have a few pics of the whole plant? looks early

How long have you been in flower? I would say 3 weeks min left. buds should fatten more and most of the white pistols will recede and dry.

Been in flower 8 weeks.

You’ve got weeks to go.

What strain?

5 Alive

Its up to you when and if u should cut it .but it also depends on what sort of high u want if u want couch lock let it get alot more amber coloured trichomes on it but as it is now i would say ur at the peak of the THC levels

So just looking at your photos, @Newt is right. The Ambers on your sugar leaves are of no importance when it comes to determining if your girls are ready or not. Go through your top cola’s, and find a spot in between the sugar leaves so you can look in to the bud itself. I’m seeing some spots in your photos that show this and to me it’s got another week or so. Week if your looking for max thc and longer for more couch lock.

Looking up your strain I see the normal flower time is 8.5-10 weeks which means at least a couple days longer.

If it were me I would wait till next Friday and chop chop. Hope this helps and happy almost harvest time! :sunflower:


Yeah I figured about a week but just wanted a second opinion. I’m planning on next Sunday as chop day, that’ll give her about 9 days and she’ll be really ripe for the pickin.

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