Cut off most bids n switching to veg

It’s not looking too good since I cut off most buds. Wasn’t ever supposed to flower as it never got under at least 13 hours of direct light n tons of indirect at night. Buds were real small n hairs all turned orange really fast so I figured might as well cut off n dry. Anyway do you think it needs more nitrogen or something else or what? All leaves curling n turning purple. Really want to save it. Please help.

Is it an auto? They flower no matter the light schedule? If so its gonna die. Couldnt really help without way more info

Download the free grow Bible or start reading some threads… :man_facepalming::man_shrugging::thinking::green_heart::wink:
Your not even understanding the basics…
Know one can tell you in a few words…
Read and read and read some more … :+1:


No it’s a clone my friend gave me to veg

If it flowered without changing the light cycle its an auto. It wont reveg. He could have given you a clipping of an auto is what im saying. Photos dont just flower

No it’s a clone my friend gave me to veg. Outdoor in soil. Water ph 6.5. Gave grow fertilizer a while in vbegging before n after it flowered. After it didn’t stop flowering, I figured I’d give it a bloom boost to get something out of the buds. They smell great n are still strong enough, just were tiny n matured in less than month. I left a few on as u may see in the pic bc I thought that might help in veggin. There’s gotta be someone on here that has vegged a plant back from flowering that has some experience of what to do or what it looks I said, this was never supposed to happen. Was given to me in spring to grow when there was more than 12 hours light outside

Was a clone he bought at a dispensary. Not an auto. I have no idea what light cycle they had it on their

Give it 18 and 6 for light and it will re veg. whats it a clone of?

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Jelly breath

I brought it indoors and it is under 18 hours light but the curling down of the leaves n the purple color between the vines is what’s worrying me. I never brought a plant to flower b4 so I don’t know what to expect. I know leaves may turn yellow at the bottom. Idk if I hurt it or it is deficiency bc it’s in a limbo state now n have no clue what a plant between cycles backwards should look like

Did some close ups around parts of the plant

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Revegging a plant is some gnarly visuals. Like deformed type shit. Usually do a few days of light constant to promote the reveg. But it will never look like a healthy plant during a reveg cycle, even if everything is going well, it’s gonna look deformed

ohh man , i wouldnt try and benjamin button that plant by going back to veg i think it would be more productive to start over. but i will tell you as long as the leaves are even a little green she still fightin and you can bring it back, she dont want to die either…good luck to you sir :slight_smile:


When it starts to reveg. Any bud that is on the plant ur gonna wanna cut off as it will start to get bud rot. I did a plant this way a clone i revegged because it was starting flower. It was a whole mess man. Unless ots ur o ly plant u can get id start over its gonna take weeks to get the revg kicked in plus tons of weeks fo reveg it to good size then months to gdt the buds ripe. In my eues its not wprth it unless the last of the draw of seeds. Id start over from new and finish atleast 1 to 2 months faster with fresh start

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OH I didn’t didn’t know that about bud rot. I thought it be good to leave a few on for food and/or less stress to plant from cutting. I guess I snip off last few then. I still don’t know why it flowered. People take all the time about not letting light leak in their tents n there was light leak all over this plant day n night. Outstide all day n indoors at night. Got it in March n we have more than 12 hour days then

Only leave smaller buds. I’ve never heard of the rot. But I’ve seen in hellraisers journals that he leaves some buds for revegging. Just warns that many branches will sprout from the buds. Good for cloning. Either way. Lots of trimming. Considering finding it again since I want to reveg my SLH but not order more of those seeds for awhile. Only had a 30% germination rate vs 100 for chocolope and 90 for strawberry cough.

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i wanted to add about growing outdoors in case you may not know, depending on where you live but here in las vegas the best time to start germination for me is absolutely the last week of april also it depends largely on how hot or cold the weather has been which is why i was hardcore into farmers almanac which never really raised a brow until my ahem “adult years” :stuck_out_tongue: so you catch the right light cycles throughout the grow. I also used to dabble in A-frame retention barrier setups to dial in the outdoor light cycles. im a follower! i cant wait to see how this turns out for you.Have a awesome day bud!

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U mean you won’t start your seeds till April or won’t plant? I assume it’s hot n dry in los Vegas like New Mexico. Any other tips? I find the hot dry weather seems to stunt growth.NO auto flowers ever get over a foot b4 flowering n they give maybe an ounce in the end, prefer to grow photos for that reason but even those don’t get that big so when my friend wanted me to grow a foot tall clone already in March, thought it get huge by sept

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And how can you dial in outdoor light cycles???Either the sun is out or not. No clue what rentention barriers are. Really appreciate you posting on my thread though

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