Cut my losses or still can be saved?

So I guess not trying to put my whole life story out there but lost my dad unexpectingly and then just been dealing with a bunch cancer in the family but anyways my plants have been put on the back burner up until lastnight (no nutes for the last month and only watered a couple of times) I gave them nutes and trimmed them up but they are looking pretty ugly and 1 still haven’t recovered


@Dushin91 hi mate. sorry bout ya dad, i think the garden will be ok if you keep feeding and will help you grieve an give you some focus on what to do even,
I know of ppl it has helped give a purpose, but in the end is just a garden a day off here or there no dramas mate. they wiil bounce back, or maybe not the 1 on the top right lol still looking ok tho man. good luck an keep ya chin up r.i.p to your old man. :slight_smile:


I’d get the 2 best healthy, take a bunch of clones and do a SOG grow.

Either way, definitely “saveable”.


@AAA never tried my hand at cloning and I would have to try to find a new spot for my tent to SOG only have access to one of the doors in the tent lol have it tucked in a corner in the bedroom xD

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I mention cloning as it would give you a chance to mix up some fresh soil and start new. But, you could nurse those back and flower them, maybe not the one that’s really haggard.

Yeah I think that ones a goner for sure going to give it till tomorrow to see if she perks up at all

If you do remove the one, you could possibly end up with the same amount of buds More space for the three that’s left to expand. Good luck moving forward.

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Sucks …sorry to hear the run of bad health lately. Terrible about dad, I don’t speak with mine but surely tough times. Wish you the best of luck and 3 outta 4 is second best outcome really. Lol


Yeah him and I were together every day for the last 5 years lol worked 6 days a week with each other but yeah 3/4 not bad and the one on the bottom left is a monster ao I’ll need some extra room for her

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