Customs/delivery issues


Has anyone from Indiana ever had issues with customs or delivery?


I live 1 state over and my first order, I believe, were seized by customs. No letter, they just never made it. I waited the 25 business days and still nothing. Contacted ILGM support and they reshipped my order, no questions asked. Replacement order arrived 10 days later. My second order arrived, no problem, 10 days after order. Waiting for seeds is truly the hardest part but rest assured, Robert and his staff will make sure you get your order.

Getting ready to place a third in the coming weeks.


@LSmith I wouldn’t worry to much about customs
I know of a few people who sud recieve letters stating a parcel was siezed and nothing ever came fro it also i haven’t heard of anyone getting a letter in quite some time now
And also as @SilentHippie mentioned sometimes they just take and destroy them
Iglm will get the seeds to you rest assured
So if that’s what s holding you back place tour order and sit back your in good hands here