Customer experience very weak and stunted plants

my neg review has been denied.they don’t want to hear it i guess. tell everyone srvice and product SUCK
no wonder you give away 10 free. i got 20 seeds and will be damn lucky to get enough bud to cover the cost of seed. i’ve been doing this for 30 + yrs and have never seen such poor performance in a plant. i’ll say they are 70% smaller than last yrs crop. very , very poor yield. alot of wasted money on seeds. will never buy here again

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I’ve had nothing but great results with ILGM genetics.


I have had 100%success with ilgm and have seen them bend over to make it right


Nothing but positive experience with ILGM, I doubt they are the problem here.


Loving my ILGM genetics!

Looking to order more soon.

Just for the record, I haven’t purched seeds here yet. However I would recommend that you post what equipment you’re using soil Hydroponics lighting that you’re using maybe somebody can see an issue 30 years experience you should know more than me and therefore you should know you should post what situations you’re growing your plants in after all it couldn’t possibly be you having the problem it’s just the seeds. you been here a week I see no background in posts trying to get involved just this complaint. I’m not dismissing your complaint, but suggest you give more info than just an unsupported complaint. You just might find an answer to your trouble, after all that’s one of the purposes of this entire site. That is all.

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Welcome out of all the seeds I have purchased from ILGM. I have only had one seed that didn’t germinate and I’m talkin serveral different strains. As far as yield I have been very happy. Good luck

It happens I just went through the same thing

@waldobeagle a few pics would also be helpful

Indoor? Outdoor?

If outdoor what area do you live in? Could it be weather related?

In indoor what’s your substrate? What’s your nutrients? Ph? Ppm? Are you supplementing co2? How big is your grow area? What type of exhaust/intake do you use and what is the rated Cfm? Do you use a carbon filter before or after the exhaust and what is the reduction in said cfm? What’s you temperature usually? Type of water?

The list could go on and on but a little info will help and also

What seeds?

sure , i’m all about learning. white widow seeds , both auto and fem. outdoor grow. two peaple mine is in pots mix is potting soil worm castings and dirt. i have used this for years. my friend’s are directly in the ground. lets start with seed comparison.they looked pale almost whitish. my usual seed is dark brown with black spots or stripes… they get almost a full day of sun. at two months the fem are 8-10 inches tall. even the auto reached 6 inches before budding began. note this the first time with auto flowers. it may turn out to be good bud but the yield is terrible. last year at this time my crop was 3 + feet tall and maxed at 5 - feet tall. only dif this year has been wetter and i have watered way less but the pots drain well so no water logging

That could certainly have something to do with it. Despite the soil condition being okay, perhaps the extra humidity has caused slower growth. I’d say once the seeds germinate, genetics still have a lot to do with how they grow, but lots (the overwhelming majority) of ILGM customers rave about the incredible genetics.

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Personally I have never used ilgm, but a few pics wouldn’t hurt, are you supplementing any nutrients to the soil? Did you happen to bury any manure or a pocket of nutrients to help?

I’d be more than willing to try to help if I could get a picture of what your working with here

My issue was wwa also. Was told bad genetics and will be replaced with another strain.

I bought the 10 for 10 WWA deal and average 230 grams per plant. That was using 436 watts of PowerVeg T5 lighting in a RDWC hydroponic setup…


That is a very healthy average @Poseidon. Very nice indeed. :+1::v:

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ILGM guarantees germination. After that, it is all on you.

I have had NO issues with my WWA, all outside grown.
Last year I pulled almost 30oz total off of 9 WWAs last year. This is one that is currently 14 weeks old, no nutes were used, I mixed my soil to have everything the plant needed. So far, I have only watered it a handful of times. Rain and ground moisture have been main source of water.

2 pictures, one natural and one B&W to show tric concentration-

This is my runt Elvira, from last year-