Customer experience 5 stars all day!


Ordered 20 auto seeds payment to my mail box 8 days!! and then an issue with order and Zoe fixed it in a, New York second …I had the replacements in my freezer in 9 days!it’s my 5th order and ordered elsewhere once and the time fur delivery was approx. 35days and quality was nothing to sneeze at and price was way to high…I have had nothing but absolute professionalism from ILGM thatI would be a fool to overpay for an overpriced bad experience elsewhere…NO THANKS !! Thanks ILGM!



All of us from ILGM Thank you sir



I have had nothing but great experience myself when dealing with IGLM I trust them all day everyday day
Glad they made you another happy customer
I for one will be a customer for a long time to come
Thanks IGLM staff for all the great work you do


Is it advisable to freeze seeds or am I getting the wrong end of the stick?


freezing seeds is ok…i just put them in envelope inside freezer wrapped in dark item…good for years…


freezing then slows the progress of seeds down to a crawl probably good for