Curse of Oak Island/ Last Alaskans/ Alaska The Last Frontier/ Homestead Rescue/ Maine Cabin Masters/ Live Free or Die!/ Life Below Zero/ Blue Planet/ Port Protection


I hear you on the How the universe works. I love watching all science and history channels.


I had never heard of it until Bob mentioned it on the forum a few months back. I binge watched all of the seasons to get to the current season. Good stuff or at least not terrible. @Smokin_ernie


I will have to check it out. The wife and I are always looking for some kind of show to watch. I just can’t get into prime time TV. It seems everything has been done on sit coms and frankly don’t find most that funny. Science is so fascinating.


I got very turned off to TV when the sitcoms started working politics into the character lines, complete turn off, literally. It’s hard not to get behind the guys on the island and what they want to accomplish.

We watch netflix or bootleg websites with commercial free stuff. @Smokin_ernie


@Screwauger it’s on tonight are u ready to find the treasure


I missed it, crap. I will catch up today or tonight. Thanks @Hunter00


Watching the Curse before work…hey @bob31


As an Alaskan, those Alaska based “reality” shows are hilarious to me. In a bad way. :joy:


Did they ever find out what was at the bottom of the hole they were drilling that was breaking the bit.


No not as of yet and this weeks episode was kinda boring and no new developments. Was sort of a history of the island and it’s inhabitants for the past 2-300 yrs. All review mostly if you’ve been watching.

As for the hole that was breaking bits, I think they agreed last week to move over a number of feet and redrill the casing but sure sounds like they hit a steel plate or ibeam.


@Smokin_ernie AMEN! :woman_farmer:


@Screwauger the new Port Protection comes onafter LBZ tonite


Nice I sure hope the old codger is still with us and featured on the shows!! Love him.


Yes indeed he’s a good one


I’d love to have a whiskey and ginger with that dude, preferably while fishing on his boat. @bob31 would know his name!!


His name is Gary mallberger or something like that and @bob31would know for sure.


That sounds right. Thanks for the heads up @Hunter00


Hey @Screwauger show comes on tonight called The men who built America (frontiersmen). Tonight is about Daniel Boone.
Thought you may want to know


Thanks @Hunter00
Did you see Curse last night. I watched it this morning but I think it was the season ender. Quite the tease.


I believe it was the end of the year for them. They had everything they found out on a table. I wasn’t able to watch much and will look for the rerun.