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Today it was on and the episode I watched had the house the movie UP was like. When they were building this huge plaza this old woman just wouldn’t sell. They offered her $1,000,000 for it and she said NO. She ended up willing the house to the foreman in charge the building crew who befriended her. In the movie Up this old gent wouldn’t sell his house either. The final results were the guy sold the house for $300 thousand or so and that person sold it to the people who offer the woman the Million dollars for it in the beginning for $400 thousand or so. It was like getting it for half price. They’re going to tear the house down and put up a bronze plate in honor of the woman.


I was through Millinocket one time about 40 years ago when we were traveling on vacation. It is a name that stuck in my head. It was a beautiful area, I guess that is why the name stuck ni my head. Would love to get a chance to visit there again. Hopefully, my PA land offer will be cleared up this spring and I will not be far away from there again!



Actually I think it was more like “Remakabo” ?


Knew that a few of you Little Rascals fans would remember that one !


Can’t remember the kids name that always said it, but I can hear him saying it. @TxGrowman


“The Last Alaskans” Season 3 Episode 1 is on now and they are running right thru till midnight if anyone needs to get caught up!

Animal Planet!

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I DVR all the episodes and watch 'em all then erase them !


Ok does anyone know what day it is today???

Nope it isn’t Hump Day!


the island fights back @bob31 !!!


I’m really enjoying this show!! I didn’t know about the homes in the refuge… never really gave the refuge much thought and could not have previously pointed to it on the map. This is hard core Alaska, way more what folks think of when you say Alaska. I’m quite sure I could not survive there very long.
Can y’all see the striking difference between these REAL Alaskans and those fakers, the ‘bush’ people?!!


It is a great show and a amazing place.
I wish they didn’t pass that bill to drill there.


Absolutely. I gotta tell you I miss the Lewis Family and Bob Harte. It is for sure the most realistic “bush” show on tv.


Buckwheat was his name have you ever seen eddy murphy do buckwheat if not youtube it


I saw Eddie Murphy do it live on SNL

Couple episodes back,! Lmfao been like 40 years hahaba



Yes I’ve seen the Eddie Murphy skit too, great stuff, not sure it would be allowed in today’s cultural setting.

Hey @bob31 pretty decent episode of Curse. The purple wood and recent finds have my juices flowing again! Must be getting to the end of this season!

Good stuff though but some oddities too like Nolan’s son, odd demeanor toward the guys (I think he thinks his father and they are all nuts).



I don’t recall it being Buckwheat that was known for the “remarkable” line.

Google say’s this is “Wheezer’s brother” and I think this is the reference but I seem to recall an older kid saying it too.


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LBZ and new season of swamp people tonite.


In honor of @bob31 and this thread, I watched the Curse last night cause I figured Bob would be watching at home!! Was a good episode.


I was busy and couldn’t watch but did see that it was on and thought of Bob right away thinking the same thing that he was probably watching.


Still haven’t checked it out @Screwauger @ntmaremach I have been hooked on “how the universe works.” which I wanted to tell @bob31 about it thought he would enjoy. I did notice that his profile is still up so maybe one day he would be back.