Curse of Oak Island/ Last Alaskans/ Alaska The Last Frontier/ Homestead Rescue/ Maine Cabin Masters/ Live Free or Die!/ Life Below Zero/ Blue Planet/ Port Protection


Indeed Tom is a book of knowledge with furs


I saw the previews, but haven’t gotten a chance to watch it. Unless I set it to record, I always forget to turn on when the time comes. Because kids that’s why. Or distractors. That’s my preference. Lol. @bob31


@Screwauger I’m with you there. I like mountain men too. The guy with the dogs that chase mountain lions is pretty cool but yeah Marty with the snowmobile and airplane checking the traplines good stuff!

Let me know when they do new episodes.

I used to love the logging shows too. Did u see the company logging off the golden road out of millinocket?


@bob31 and @Screwauger
What about swamp people do u watch it?


I haven’t seen swamp people? What day and channel? @Hunter00


Yes @bob31 I loved that show. The logging brothers out of Millinocket and they opened a restaurant that I don’t think did that well. I missed that show when it stopped.


Used to watch it more than I have lately @Hunter00


Season starts wensday on history channel .


I think I have seen that show @Hunter00 but will check it out Wednesday…

How about Shelby on swamp loggers haha remember him that was an interesting show too

@Screwauger a couple of times I recognized different locations on the show mostly out on the golden road.

I thought the restaurant was a little ambitious for a town the size of millinocket…


Hey @bob31

Yes, Shelby was a hoot (and his entire family was a bubble off). Always felt sorry for his dog.

Our annual trip takes us through Milli but we stay on the northern side. There is a Legion right across the street (we plan well) and we sat in there one year and got a little shnockered talking with some of the local oldsters. Man they hated that show, that restaurant and them Pellitier boys for commercializing their town. Had nothing good to say about the food or the service. Then I think it went under, no surprise.


I’m a member of the legion and the have pasts everywhere. I never have to search for a quiet place to have a beer or nine


It sure is clear why the cable companies keep flooding the air with these shows, we love 'em. I call them Psuedo-Reality TV.

I mean come on, when Marty is going where no man has gone before but there are sled tracks in front of him and a broken open, almost groomed trail…tenor


The Post in Millinocket used to rock on the weekends but the members voted out smoking in the bar a couple of years ago and now, we are always the only ones in there.

They make some mean drinks though. Motel, chinese rest and legion all within walking distance…sledders paradise.


I have seen that too. They talk on all these shows about how far out these people are but there are sled tracks all over the place.

I think they use a little camera magic which they don’t need to do.


I used to love Survivorman with Les Stroud.

I always use that show as my baseline where he would have to venture onto a precipice to see if he could do it, then film himself doing it (prob more than once to get the best footage). I suspect these shows are more like that then pure unedited, unrehearsed live shots. But I don’t know.



@Screwauger and @bob31
Shelby was a nut.
Have fun sledding and remember if you have to say ( Hey Watch this ) you probably shouldn’t do it.


Words to live by


@bob31 Here’s another show that I started watching. It’s called Strange Inheritance and some of the things people are left with are definitely strange.


This looks fun… I bet there are some crazy scenarios. I’m gonna check this one out


I will check it out @ntmaremach looks interesting. I watched a bunch of episodes of swamp people yesterday @Hunter00