Curse of Oak Island/ Last Alaskans/ Alaska The Last Frontier/ Homestead Rescue/ Maine Cabin Masters/ Live Free or Die!/ Life Below Zero/ Blue Planet/ Port Protection


Hahaa yeah thats even more crazy guess they thought they wood run down to the local market once a week hahahahaha
Sure makes you wonder
At least have a few chicken running around so you can get some protein lol
To funny :smile:


@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Screwauger
See the new show coming on The Men who
Built America (FRONTIERSMAN) history channel


No big deal for me ! I am not a native Texan (as a lot of people here know) and spend most of my time getting back to my home area (Northeast US). I like ATLF and watch it regularly. As for the rest of the shows, I am not much of a TV person and only watch hockey and some other sports. Do not like baseball, TOO SLOW ! Gotta have some action or I can’t watch it! :us::man_farmer:


I did and it looks promising @Hunter00

With regards to the HR Show, two come to mind. The couple that didn’t know or want to hunt and the couple living in a (I don’t even know what to call it) that was a fire hazard and loaded with mold… wtf people And the folks that bought and moved onto a property that was such bad terrain they couldn’t even support themselves on it…


Oh my a new show ill need to check into it sounds interesting @bob31 @Hunter00


I’m totally addicted to all of the “Gold” shows also. Heck there must be 5 or more now! Bering Sea, Yukon Gold, Gold Rush, ???


Yes, me too @Screwauger I try to watch them all! hahaha OCD in full overdrive lol

Isn’t that one actually a potato?


being a heavy equipment operator at heart,the ‘‘gold’’ shows get me too…lol
i’ve got the all clear if i ever get ready to go there1


yes it is bob,and they are great!


@BIGE and MJ is legal there in AK

Though I think the “Gold Rush” show is filmed mostly in Yukon Canada? Near Dawson City.

The other guys are in the US right now, not sure where. There is a new on now right after Gold Rush, called Gold Rush: White Water.


Good one on tonight.

Any of you guys see “Killing Fields”? Pretty interesting cold case murder investigations on the Discovery Channel

@Hunter00 @Screwauger @BIGE @Covertgrower @ntmaremach @Countryboyjvd1971 @Dieselgrower


I have not watched but have seen the ads. Glad to hear you like it, I will prob start to binge it to get current hahaha. @bob31


Life Below Zero is on too on Nat Geo

I will probably flip between the two, lol


@bob31 have not watched but have seen previews. Will check it out.
Waiting for LBZ. @Screwauger


The new LBZ in one here now


Is the father out of jail on LBZ. The native eskimo family Dad?


I dont think so… just showed the wife and girls out hunting by themselves


Here to good thing it’s recording


Yes he is out got out last week or 1 before @Screwauger @bob31


I think my most fav show is Mountain Men or the one with the Marty hahaha Marty Baby!! I worry about losing the old dude in Colorado