Curse of Oak Island/ Last Alaskans/ Alaska The Last Frontier/ Homestead Rescue/ Maine Cabin Masters/ Live Free or Die!/ Life Below Zero/ Blue Planet/ Port Protection


I think they used 8000 gallons of water if I heard that right? Or was it 800? I forget, but he was dirty! hahaha @ntmaremach


That was 8000 gals. 5000 and then 3000 from another tank.


It looks like they have drilled 3" into whatever is at the bottom according to the guy drilling the hole. They think that it is a large flat surface maybe wood that is at least the size of the core drill. They need to suck the water out of the hole and send the junior man upside down into it with a camera. WHAT OSHA’S HERE WATCHING. Scrap that plan.


If they weren’t on tv they could probably get away with some of that stuff. They probably would do that too! Sucks being Junior man! @ntmaremach

On a slightly different note. Have any of you guys googled oak island and read some of the “other” theories? One guys is really sure that UFO’s made those shafts and holes in the ground.


It’s possible, I seen it on TV.


those guys have bigger fish to fry!


I’m up to speed gents and ladies!! The SUSPENSE is killing me and causing me to smoke more dope. Next episode please.


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I modified the name of the topic to reflect some of the other shows as soon as I can remember the names… I may or may not have medicated…lol

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Is “Life Below Zero” Worth adding to the list? @Smokin_ernie the other one was “Blue Planet”?


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I can’t believe you did not add Bush People since Greenthunder was so high on it. Lol😜


ok, is that better? @Hunter00


He will like that @bob31


Yes blue planet


Ugh! Can’t stand those fakers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: My mom lives in the village where they film it… I watched ONE time just to see some locals that were featured.


That is what the people in Homer said when I was there, but they liked the Last Frontier then again that’s where the cast is from


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Awesome thread @bob31
I watch LBZ but I skip certain segments that drive me nuts.


Hey what do you think about Port Protection.

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Love It @Hunter00