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I figured we should do this anyway!

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Sam Ball was the guy I was thinking of, but I couldn’t remember his name!

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

Just in case they find something so we don’t spoil it for screwauger


Could you move that last post i posted in the morning garden here. I posted it right before you made this one haha

Makes you wonder at the very least. What if the guy did and he is just sitting back watching and laughing. Maybe one day they’ll find it or a note that says sorry beat you to it haha


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One thing that always bothered me was the “Stone tablet” with the symbols on it that is now missing… They always mention it in the opening credits


Yes that’s the one they went looking for in the store. You would think the town would have kept up with it


Exactly… it was right there in that store window for 40 years… or some BS like that.

they are finding lots of goodies in the “slop”

Notice Marty said “We have to do it this way”. I think they are under court order or something to treat the whole place like an archaeological site except when they go way deep and then everything that come out has to be triple checked


I believe they only get like 10% of they find if they find anything .
The metal detector guy have you noticed if they fin something it goes in his pocket.


Maybe that guy is there to make sure they don’t get near it or near anything of real value? Or am I just crazy? Haha


I am so addicted to Oak Island!. I can remember reading the original article in Readers Digest in 1965, I still can see the picture above the title! They sure can drag it out straight to the edge of the cliff!!! :pick:


Yeah who’s ready for next weeks show


That cross they found was so cool! I was ready last week for next weeks show. What do you think they’ll find? :shushing_face:


@highcountrygal I don’t know what they may find
What’s next divers


That’s what the plan is, they just said so!


Feel asleep last night lol :confused:


Missed that part my bad


i did too! just like trying to stay up for pod cast…lol
almost impossible!


I sort of feel asleep during the show! hahaha

I did see they hit something solid and decided to install a liner and have divers check it out!

Looking forward to seeing what is up with that cross too.

Did you guys see the nephew all covered in mud after washing off the stuff on that rack? hahaha he was a muddy mess.

So how did Samuel Ball afford to buy all that property on Oak Island?

@highcountrygal I saw the original article too. My grandma had a subscription and passed them on to my mom to read after she was done. I read it probably 4 or 5 years later as my mom had put that edition to the side.


Yes, he sure was covered in mud. Now how can you run out of water when you’re on an island. lol


i mean really??
lol, run out of water on an island…
i’d be distracting the inspector…lol