Currently running a Marsh Hydro Ts600 in a 2x4

Ts600 does the job but I’m really to try something better , I would love to aim for the KINDLED but I would be looking into investing 100 to 250 for the light any recommendations ? Ima 2x4x7

Have u looked at the mars hydro sp250? Its longer rather than square like the ts600?

Yeah I do like those I wanted to try maybe other brand as well , I have hear very good stuff of hlgas well

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I’m new to this lol. That was just a recommendation from the research I have done… I see alot of people recommend hlg on here so may be worth a try.

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In your budget consider the Mars Hydro TSW2000 the longer version of the TS2000 I’m using currently.

Yeah definitely the price does make it a problem not a lot of options in that range

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