Currently in your stash: best and worst

Out of the buds in your stash right now that you could pull out and toke/Vape/dab/ingest what’s your favorite and what’s your least favorite?

Let’s face it, results are bell shaped curve. Most of it’s gonna be just fine but a little bit of it is going to be really amazing and a little bit is going to be nothing special.

Currently in my stash my favorite is sour diesel. I loved it 20 something years ago when it was the best weed you could get in New York City and having just finished growing a nice crop of it I can safely say I still love it.

My least favorite right now, sadly, is Maui Wowie. The plant grew great, buds look wonderful, they’ve got an earthy aroma with a hint of cat piss but the taste and high is just like nothing. Like I Could smoke half a pound and not feel it. Sure looks pretty though! I’ve only grown at once so I’m willing to except I just did a terrible job. I’m growing it again right now but I tell you if I’m not loving the results second time around it’s over.


I’ve got some Maui wowie that is pretty good from a few grows ago.

I posted on Super Critical CBD just this morning on my disappointment with it.

Blue Mystic is the favorite among the grows I’ve done the past couple of years.


I’ll have to go back and look for your post. I know that I’ve been seriously thinking about trying a 1:1 strain for my next indoor.

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Sorry for this random reply 7 months later - I’m about 2 weeks into curing 2 Mauis from ILGM, both ended up smoking great, but smell completely different. 1 is very lemon scented, and the other sounds exactly like yours - mostly earthy, with no noticeable citrus at all. I still have the plants (reveg experimenting / laziness), and the ‘earthy’ stalk has a strong, pleasant jet fuel odor. This was my first grow (along with 2 ILGM Northern Autos), nowhere near experienced enough to understand phenotypes or conditions that impact genetic/terpene expression. My veteran stoner neighbor was crazy about it, so I’m putting that in the W column lol (next to the L column with 4 or 5 murdered seedlings)