Currently in Veg tent!

All 6 are vertical!


@The_Cannabowlist looks like awesome brownies lol. I’m kinda hungry now!!!


When your brownies have so much cannabis in them they sprout in the pan!


So decided to give these girls some nicknames and sense the breeder is Jedi Genetixx went with female Jedi and Sith cannabis pun names!
All the soil got moistened before transplant and added some Fish Shit, Miicrobial Mass, and Roots Excelurator Gold.

For the Dark Side we have;

Maris Bloom (Maris Brood)

Asajj Kiefstress (Asajj Ventress)

For the Jedi we have;

Shaak Thc (Shaak Ti)

Leia Highwalker (Leia Skywalker) will fix name on cup later.

Luminara Buduli (Luminara Unduli)

Ashoka Terpo (Ashoka Tano) yes I saw I misspelled it on the cup, will fix later.

All tucked in for the night.

These two McChem are already back to growing!

The Pacific Butter got chopped today as she was a he… that makes 3/3 on both Pacific Butter and Cake Breath for males. Really should do all fem seeds for a growing competition….

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Pretty much the only way to accurately assess grows. Or provide enough seeds that they can be mostly male and still have females emerge. Tough call for breeders who are hard up for regs only

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I dropped 3-4 of each strain, all the regs have been male…

Second comp I’m in also has a mix of reg and fem and that one each plant is it’s own separate entry as each strain has its own prizes. Dropped 6 seeds, got half to germ and 2/3s are regs. At least my latest batch is 6/6 germ and fems.

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Topped the MC for the second time and the PA for the first time.

Strawberry Sublime are still small, seem to take forever to root, but still alive and standing, but not much above soil growth.

Whole tent;


Strawberry Sublime;

Poison Apple and (2) McChem.

Took a while and some pain but got the UWPxPG55 into a 3.5 Spring Pot and will veg for about a week before putting into the flowering tent. Also got the 2 McChem and the Poison Apple up-potted into some 2.5gal pails that I drilled holes in the bottom of.
All got watered with Miicrobial Mass and roots Excelurator good and got some Grow Dots added as well.

Both fan leaves have died on one of the new mains on a McChem, but the new nodes still seem to be hanging on so left them all on for now and wonder if a miracle will happen for me. Lol

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@The_Cannabowlist Keep preaching and teaching!! :man_teacher:


Seems like they are acclimated to their new pots and have started to grow again!

Poison Apple

McChem survived and the main with dead fan leaves is growing the new nodes so she made it!

Strawberry Sublime;



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@The_Cannabowlist Thanks for the tag!

Do you use GH’s rapid rooters?
Do you like the rapid rooters better than the jiffy pellets?

Wow, you’ve done so well learning and growing, congrats! :+1: Didn’t you do a p4p last fall? I assume that was your first plant?


Yes HG rapid rooters, and yes, pretty much 100% germ in rooters about 50/50 for jiffy pellets. Just have to remember to soak the rooters in rooting stuff so they have something to feed off.

Thank you! That was Fiz that had the P4P with her first grow I believe. My first one was the a manifold in a 3 gal. Can tag you there as well!

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Thanks for the tag in the manifold journal!

I knew Fiz had the p4p, but I thought you did, also, but nope, lol.

MeEasy really likes those rooters, too.

Even if I’m going to transplant them, or should I say, my one plant :rofl: into her forever home after a couple/few days?

When ever I transparent I always give microbes/ rooting amendments, severely reduces transplant shock in my opinion. I was mainly talking about when dropping a seed into a fresh one as they do not come with any nutrients in them.

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@NUG61 and here. Lol

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Watching here too…lol :sunglasses::v::heart:

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