Current or past Super Skunk Growers

If there are any members with Super Skunk experience please chime in. One has frosted up and firmed up very nicely but I have a lone hold out that hasn’t so much. The genetics should be there. Do that frost up much towards the end. I think I could easily get 2 more weeks from them if not 3. These are feminized photos from seed. Week 8 and 9 of flower . I’ve been adding unsulphored molasses for the final month of flower. I’ve recently stopped to give it time to break down to be utilized by the plants and shifted to plain water to bring out some colors. A few small sample nugs proved to be unusually smooth for being early



They look good, but it’s hard to tell much from a distance. You need to get up close and personal with individual buds for a real opinion.
And a lot depends on the type of high you want. More mature = more couch lock kinda high, less mature = a more “energetic” high.

You really need to have a scope and get pics of the trichs because that’s the ultimate judge.
In your pics there’s just not enough detail and definition to give an honest opinion.
There’s so much resin and oils on your buds they just wash out at a distance.

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i figured this was another “Am I ready” post. What are you trying to determine?

Trichome growth is cumulative throughout a plants growth so of course you’ll have the most at the end of the grow!

You should start a journal rather than multiple posts a day.

And consider my “opinions” off the table from now on.

Tell me you didn’t even read my post without saying you didn’t read it. I didn’t accidentally make it this far. Once again , I’m asking for former growers of Super Skunk to share their experiences with if. I wonder about those guys who have $1000.00 worth of equipment but need to post pictures for strangers to tell them when to pick their buds. Lol. I’m just curious about one plant is all. It does have a few weeks left but compared to the other one it just hasn’t added much in the way of trichomes

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My last post of the progress a guy immediately told me I needed patience ( although I’m handling it quite well ) followed by telling me I needed to wait for 25% amber when that isn’t when I harvest my buds particularly not with the gorilla glue. 25% will incapacitate the most seasoned of smokers. I prefer to harvest at peak thc strength and will probably stagger things so that I have some choices. I only grew 2 strains this time but it shouldn’t be too hard to end of with several more choices than 2. I only vegged 28 days so I’m waiting until they are finished swelling

There is away to get ur plants to produce more rosin and thats by putting in a black light it puts out UVA which is good for the plants it helps with rosin production have a look online about it


The gorilla glue is as coated as I’ve ever seen and one skunk is too. The lone hold out just doesn’t have much. The hairs just now started turning (less than 10%) so maybe it will catch up. I used unsulphored molasses as well but it’s only now that they would have had time to break down and process the sugars. One in particular is adding trichomes daily and shockingly really. The bids on the skunk are like clubs. I’d hate for one to not reach its potential although they don’t have to be super frosty to be good.

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After replacing my burbles with a good light I thought about adding one back with a bloom switch to mix it up a little and maybe get a spectrum my 4200 doesn’t have . The absolute worse time is when you know they’ve started to change and ripen but aren’t quite there yet

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I didn’t realize multiple posts were frowned on. I didn’t see that anywhere.

Plants from seed will grow as if it was u having kids. Never will they come out exact unless u clip clones from one specific plant. Each seed will carry its own traits and characteristics mine might have fat buds where the other might be smaller buds more packed with trics and way better tastes. Usually the smaller buds r the ones more packed with a punch and the bigger ones are a bit less so far from my experiences. Now if u take 8 clips of 1 plant all 8 r gonna grow the same if they have all the same light and air conditions. Never expect any seeds to come out the same in growth tho because u’ll most likely never see any 2 plants look exactly the same unless u have some super a1 genetics that are super strong. Never seen this yet tho. Super skunk is a killer strain nice choice


Keep the bluple in the room with plants it will def help the tricomes develope alot more. Blurps works great as secondary adding lights for some colors and diff light spectrums

I was wondering what people might think of this idea. I’m definitely going to do it

Right on Man. The 2 themselves are oddly similar in appearance. One is just retard big and full.

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@pr check these Super Slunks out! Beautiful :heart_eyes:

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Yep when I started growing was the same. All plants were same strains same batch of seeds and everyone looked total diff from the next. I e been clipping clones alot lately and clones r awesome to grow. They all grow the same look the same and act the same. It’s great. Plus clones help u save on seeds lol. Do u have a scope to check the tricomes up close

Every time I’ve wanted to do it on the past the heat worried me. We are in a cold snap right so it would be a good time now

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Mine struggling, but seems to be on the move now. Thanks for the tag here.


Cloning is not too bad. Works best if u have a cloner tho I’ve seen. All I use is ro water and clonex solution for getting roots. When roots develop I then go right to coco and handle as normal from there. Winter here is way better growing conditions for me here also growing indoors. Michigan sux tho as we have 30 different seasons in a week