Current led situation vs. better? diy led?

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA = Master Kush and Super Skunk
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? =FFHF Soil
System type? = n/a
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? = 6.5, I use the color chart and ph up/down
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS =Full strength, General Organics
Indoor or Outdoor =Indoor
Light system, size? = Mars pro 2 epistar 120
Temps; Day, Night = 73 and 68
Humidity; Day, Night = 40’s and 50’s
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size = Yes, 190 cfm
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, = no
Co2; Yes, No = Was using homemade co2 with bottles, sugar and yeast but have since stopped

Sorry guys. This is my first try at asking questions and I may not have done such a good job. Please be patient with this beginner and let me know if I omitted anything in my post (question) or could do anything better to get the help and answers a I so much need!! Thank everyone of you!!


The only thing I would ask is how old are the plants and are they auto or photo? Oh yeah: what light schedule are you on and what is the actual at the wall plug draw of your lights? What size is your space and total number of plants.

So a couple of things: your temps are on the low side and if possible I would try to get them up another 5 degrees or so. Also; using strips or drops is extremely difficult to get proper PH values. You would be wise to invest in a good PH meter and while you’re at it get a TDS meter too (measures dissolved solids).

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Hi Myfriendis410. Thank you for the quick reply. My plants are 4 weeks into flower(5 weeks since switching to 12/12). The light schedule is 12/12 and I don’t know how to tell the actual draw at the wall plug but would like to know how to do it and what it is. My tent is 2x4x72 and for this( my first) grow I am growing 1 Master Kush and 1 Super Skunk that are photo. I want to try auto’s next, what are your thoughts on auto’s??
Would you rec. a good ph and tds meter for me. I am on a very tight budget, being disabled does not allow me to work so I am forced to depend on ssi which one cannot live on.
Man, I really thank you!!

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Here is a cheap combo kit that should do the trick for you.

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Thank you raustin. I put it in my cart on Amazon, just waiting to see if I need anything else before I order!!

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This is the one that gets the most traction here. I use it and it’s worth the extra money. A TDS meter will only cost $15 or so.

I’m a photo grower and prefer the flexibility over autos myself. You can look up your light and under the specs it should tell you the actual power draw. The rule of thumb is 35 watts per square foot with LED’s minimum.

You can also tag anyone by adding the @ sign like this: @dbrn32 any thoughts on the lights?


Thanks for tag bro!

@ggr that light has an estimated flowering footprint of about half your 2x4. If you want to diy something I can certainly help. Or possibly something around the same size to add to what you have would be ideal.


@Myfriendis410 I like that pH meter too. I have dropped 2 of the cheap meters into the water. One dried out ok (calibration fails now, but it’s reading close enough for the pool), the other died.


Okay, here is what I got from the manufacturer…

The mars-hydro pro 2 can put out about 35 watts per sq. ft. and it’s enough for a 2‘*4’ tent.
About the quantity of the plants , it depends on what kind of plant and how huge you want to grow.

So, you don’t much like autos??

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Hey dbrn32, let me first say thank you and of course I want to explore the diy route. I just have such limited knowledge and want to do whatever is best, correct, right, you know. I have read that diy is way better and cheaper but have learned to not believe everything I read. That is why I joined, so I could get it straight from the experts

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There are some experts here, not sure I’m one of them haha. But I think I do pretty good with the lights.

You wanna supplement the light you have or do whole tent altogether?

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They told you that? They should pro be more consistent

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@dbrn32 is the man for lights. Don’t let him tell you differently.

Photo period plants will remain in a vegetative stage for as long as you provide the proper light schedule for. That allows you the flexibility to train the plant, let it catch up if it stalled out from a problem, grow it to the exact height you need then flip to flower. Auto flowering plants are on a fixed clock and once the clock starts you’d best just step out of the way. ANYTHING you do to an auto will potentially slow it down so they are fairly finicky to grow if you’re new to it.

Model/SKU: Mars Pro II Epistar 120/marsproIIepistar120

Power output: Grow: ~83w | Bloom: ~260.5w

HID equivalent: 300 watts

**LEDs: Epistar™ HI-LEDs; 50,000 hour lifespan **

Spectrum: 440nm, 460nm, 630nm, 660nm, 730nm, 2700K-3000K

This is part of the spec sheet for that model. Interestingly it appears to actually put out close to 300 watts. 2 of those ought to cover you if that is the case.

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Most spring water’s are pH balanced. I. MYself am on a very tight budget. I buy a gallon of water for £2 at any local store. I have friend in the US who gets it from Walmart for a dollar or three. @ggr I also am disabled. I use mainly for arthritis pain. Management and to control my Tourrettes motor tics. The arthritis is due to the severe motor tics I’ve had since I was 4yrs old. Living with arthritis since I was sixteen. Mj definitely helps. Its the most useful plant on earth. From clothes to medicine. Brilliant

If you use flat white painted pieces of cardboard to cut your lighted area down to about 5 square feet, you could grow some great buds in there. Weed is pretty picky about the intensity of light during flower, not so much during vegetation. 32.5 watts per square foot will give you lower yield. Much lower than that and you would get almost nothing.

Water in the US runs about $1 per gallon in stores, but we buy Reverse Osmosis water. That’s like distilled except cheaper. Personally, I use tap water and adjust the pH with vinegar. Works fine. VERY cheap.

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@1BigFella nailed it. There is another alternative since you’re disabled and home all day, like me. You could move your ligh at 6 hr intervals. Spread the wealth around lol. The middle will always get the most light but think of it like the sun moving through the day.

Hey 1BigFella. Thank you! I had not even considered making the growing space smaller! So you mean to make my space 3’ wide by 5’ tall correct? Do you rec doing that NOW, with about 5 maybe 6 weeks to go on current grow?

I will get back on forum as soon as they allow me. Yesterday was my first day and I used my allotted time and must wait 19 hrs. Thanks to everyone and will talk soon!!!

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Hey, if you need more light, Amazon has Roleadro 300w light going on sale in lightning deals at 2:30, so you should be able to get it for around $50. That’s the brand I use and have good results with them