Current Grow - Thin Fan Leaves and nodes or nah?

First grow. Using Maxsisun Full Spectrum LEDs (3 - MU1000’s, and 1 - MU 1500). Have run 24hrs until a week ago. Began with 4hrs off a night, adding 30 minutes of dark a day until I hit 12.

Day 45, so six weeks in. Coco Coir+Perlite, Nutes thanks to GH. (varying development due to being WAY too acidic the first couple weeks until I figured things out; 5 casualties. )
Fan pushing air in, and high-velocity fan blowing out the back. LOTS of mostly indirect airflow!
Temp max 78-81F, low at night down to 69-73F.
LST and branches tied down to open for access to light.

Should I continue to thin fan leaves? I’ve defoliated 3-4 times to keep direct light on all node growth. A couple have tons of pistil locations (Bubblegum rocking close to 40?!)

Should I eliminate bud locations or let it ride?

Any help is appreciated - I know I’ll probably get opposing views on thinning leaves out again.
Buds? I have an idea I’ll be told to eliminate a ton of lower-located growth, but OMG I am struggling with that.

TIA for helping out a complete nube…


let them ride dont stress them out to much by taking to many leaves


Definitely don’t remove any more they are good where they are. :+1:


dont photograph cannabis under blurple light it sucks! Yer better off black and white


Don’t cut on auto plants at all bad move they don’t really have enough time to properly recovering before finish


They look fine. Like previous posters have said don’t take too much more off of them. You can remove big fan leaves that are blocking light to bud sites but that’s about it for the stage they’re at. I’ve defoliated and trained all of my autos and gotten decent results, averaging around 4oz per plant so far. As for removing lower growth I typically strip the lower 30% of plant right before flower, after they start flower you need to be more conservative with defoliation.