Current culture 12 pot

How many lights are needed for 12 pot DWC current culture system? I currently have three 315 Sunsystem LEC lights. How many more lights would I need?

My room is 13 x 8 1/2‘. Any recommendations?

@dbrn32 is the one that can help

Are you wanting to light the whole room or just the area on the plan that will have plants?

If you’re just lighting the pots on the plan I would think four 315s would do it. They’d basically be covering a 2½’x3’ area each.

Wondering what the plant canopy would be too?

I’m thinking you might want to space those out a little. 4 square feet per plant should be considered a minimum. 12 plants would be 48 square feet or about half that space, and even then it will be hard to service/monitor the plants in the middle.

If it was me, I’d put 6 plants down each wall, remove the tent, put the reservoir in the back, and use the middle 2-3 feet for access.

Or start out with fewer plants. I’ve been frustrated by not having easy access to all the plants and you will have a small jungle there with less then 3 square feet per plant and no access.


Mother plant tent in corner could suggest he will be growing sog with very little veg time. If so, plants wouldn’t need that much room and wouldn’t be terrible to access. Don’t know that for sure though, trying to get a little better idea of what the plan here is.

Investment into a 3k hydro setup says otherwise

What does cost of hydro system have to do with anything? Quick transitions add # of harvests per year, which in turn can produce more over a given amount time than running longer veg times in a single space.

A lot , mainly knowledge

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Mother plant shows he’s using one to lower the veg time already, clones can shorten hydros veg time up to 4 weeks.

I’ve run the same system of cloning to hydro and turning 4 runs instead of 3 a year.

If it was a sog or monster crop style id go tables or beds for soil/coco not hydro with explosive growth

Go with pure watts / sq foot of coverage space to get a basic reference of where you want to be

Watts/ sq ft = ?

Look to clear 40 for the area and you should do just fine. Happy growing

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A clone is a clone regardless if in soil, soilless, or hydro system. It takes care of maturity time, not necessarily veg time. It’s the hydro system that would provide more rapid growth from there, thus shortening the time required to get a larger plant.

That makes sense

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Hey brother I been grow soil for a year. I would like to start hydro.

This is a rough draft. Should I try 8 pots for stead? I have three 315 lec light. How much light do I need to cover all the parts? How much light do I need to cover all of the plants

315 is good to cover up to a 3x3 space for flowering. Im not sure how to configure what you have to get best results though. Less pots would be one way.