Current and future grow journal


@Aolelon @dbrn32 Arrow sent me the wrong strips and I didn’t notice. 280s instead of 560. They emailed me.


I’m curious are they having you send the wrong ones back or are they letting you keep them and send the correct ones anyways?


Arrow issued a refund and gave me a10% discount code. I’ll post if after I use it. Now I have to buy a driver. Lol.


That’s unfortunate they sent you the wrong ones. Pretty cool they give you another discount code though.


They sent someone else here 560’s when they were suppose to get 280’s lol. @PurpNGold74 was that you?


What dimmable driver would I need for 8 or 9 560s @dbrn32


Yup. N i got 9 of them(strips) on a 2x2 sheet i just assembled. Thanks bro :facepunch:t5:

  1. Think a model comes dimmer equipped. (Albeit less controllable). The b model you can add a pentithingy and reduce at will


You have a specific current you want to run them at? Hlg-185h-c1050a will run up to 9. That’s what @PurpNGold74 just finished.


Potentiometer :wink:


Hahahaha. I had it COMPLETELY wrong. But that :point_up:t5:


Code wouldn’t work. I called them. They had me email the order number for the discount. $110 for a light!!! Badass. I think this will make a veg cabinet! To bad rapid led doesn’t ship as fast as arrow. I’m waiting on my far reds still.


Hahaha. Isnt it lovely my friend. $110 for the whole build? Or just strips?


Strips and driver. $110. I already have the rest from the other builds though. Try the code. He claims it worked for him.


Sweet! Nice haul my man.


@Aolelon I flip next week do I just go to 13.5 10.5 on day one. Timer arrived today. I set it for 7a-830p with eod at 828-833.


I would do 12/12 for the first week or two to get your plant flowering and throwing pistils. Then you can try and mess with the lighting time. At least that’s my suggestion.


12/12 would be faster correct. 13.5/10.5 higher yield?


I don’t know. Honestly. I would imagine something along those lines.


@Newgrwr2018 you may even want to wait till after the stretch to begin with the far red treatment. I do know that I can cause extra stretching, beyond what you would normally see. Even if using it for the proper amount of time. So its really just trial and error, and to find what works best for you.