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Lpc-35-700 is what rapid uses in the video for 5


You could use lpc-35-700

Would be like 5 minimum and 20 max of that particular led. If you plan on different leds forward voltage would have to be verified, reds are usually a little lower than others.


If 10 is all you want, you can save a couple bucks going with lpc-20-700.


I chose 10 since growmau5 rapidled initiator has 4 leds for a 3x3. I’m In 4x6. @Aolelon says 5.5minutes with 10.


@Aolelon @dbrn32 look good?


$60 beats buying 3 growmau5 imitators by a lot.


Looks good to me.


Thanks bro. @Newgrwr2018 5.5 mins is what I would start with and then work from there. I use a digital timer that has 2 outlet control, up to 20 settings. 1 outlet is my light, and the other outlet I use for my far red, that way they are always on time. With the analog timers, they come out of sync by a few minutes over time.


No @Aolelon thank you. Big savings. How do I know if I need to go up or down from 5.5minutes?


@Aolelon @dbrn32 know of a light/dark activated timer. My thought is when lights go out time kicks on for 5.5 minutes. It’s would
Just be a sensor relay on a timer. Someone makes one. Or McMaster Carr has the parts for me. :blush:another project!


I’m sure there is something out there, but I’m not aware of anything I can point you to.


I am sure there is something out there as well. There is a project out called Koada that is trying to do some good things with growing automation. They are getting ready to or have already released a product in beta. I would check it out and see if it appeals to you (google Koada).
Also. I would just start with the 5.5 minutes and work from there. If you start the Far Red treatment right when you switch to flower, it will be hard to tell if you’re giving to much due to the plants already stretching. so when you think you are done with the stretch, is when I would start upping the time. I would add 30 seconds every time you bump it up, until you see the plants exhibit unwanted stretching, then lower it a little bit and keep it there. Then you can play with the time of the lights on and off.


lights out power on. Digital so I assume
Does minute timer. It appears it will


Everyone I have seen that uses the EoD usually sets it up to where it runs half the time while their lights are on, and half the time while the lights are off.
So me, 2 minutes before my lights turn off, the far red kicks on, then 2 mins later the lights turn off, then 3.5 mins after that the Far Red turns off. You don’t necessarily have to trip the far red to turn on as soon as the lights turn off.
The general census with far red is ~ 10 mins or so (if you don’t know how long u need to run 5 mins with lights on and 5 mins with lights off is where to start). but I calculated it for you so no problem.
You can def try that. If it doesn’t work, I would just buy a 8$ digital timer to do it, or one that allows multiple plugins to be programmed.


I’m looking for a multiple timer now. Everyone I see has 1 timer for mutiple outlets. I need 2 timers for multiple outlets.


something like this is what I use. not the exact one, but each outlet is independently programmed.


I found this one. What sucks is I wasted money on the one I’m using. That’s why I went balls out as much as I could on the room. The regret of wasting money when the upgrade is never much more. For this room it was vipras(2)- controllers-(I bought one for temp, one for humidity, one for CO2), and now a timer. Not bad though. Least upgrades for a hobby thus far.


Unless you included a veg room and dry room as upgrades. I haven’t added them on yet but you know it will happen.


I’m thinking 5 lights on each side of a corner piece of aluminum so 45degree each direction 2ft from the middle. What do you think? What height do I need these to be also? @Aolelon


You can do them the same height as your light, or whatever gives you the best spread. I don’t think there is any real limit to how close or far they need to be.