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I was just wondering if I put reptile ubv bulbs on a timer and flipped like every 3rd tab for 12 hours later in flower to up trich production.


Looks like the outdoor I have going got pollinated :frowning: sad day, she was sooo frosty too. Oh well, make some butter or something. Still smokable I’m sure. Going to harvest this weekend, thought I had more time but the pistils are starting to change super quick.
Also @Newgrwr2018 you will need to get the reptile bulb. Then when your plants onto it in flower. Maybe start a week before you flip doing a little at first. My buddy on a different forum runs his reptile bulb on with his lights on and have no Ill effects (both 12/12)


Bummer, with any luck maybe you’ll get some decent beans out of her.


Yea that’s what I am thinking, I’ll go through some of it for sure.


Harvested the Aurora Indica I had outside. Got a pretty nice harvest off just the one plant that I was going to kill. Even though it seeded, should still be some good smoke. Or if not I’ll use it to make some edibles.


Pretty crazy, she used nothing but hose water for 3 months and had 0 problems with lockout or anything. Just slight nitrogen deficiency which I fixed with some neem seed meal. The PH of our hose water is 9.14, didnt PH it not once.


Congrats on the harvest!


I’m looking at the growmaus puck initiator. I’d need 2x $30 (4x6 area)each plus power cord + lens? Plus etc. wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy 730nm? LEDs and a driver? Thoughts, parts list(lol) opinions welcome. My thoughts on something so cheap is why not. If I can have lights on more that’s more growth imho


Honestly, it could be. They sell the Cree xp-e at rapidled, or other places. Really you would just need to weight the cost differences.


8 of these plus a driver.

the xp-e2 is 20% “better” twice the price. So maybe 12 xp in a 6ft strip and to save further I’ll solder them. Plus a driver. What driver? @dbrn32


What current do you want to run them at?


I would think about running them aroun 700mA or so.


I agree, but I’m not really sure of cooling requirements. I don’t don’t do enough with monos. But figured 500-700ma is probably where I’d look to be, maybe leaning towards 500ma on a piece of bar or channel.

I don’t think either of those listed are over 700nm either. Maybe 630’s? If I was going that route I’d probably do a 2-1 mixture of xpe-he and something 720nm or higher. Then see how many I could fit on something like two plm-25’s and make two stand alone bars. Or if it’s going to be fastened to a larger frame, maybe an apc-35 or plum-40.


Yea he needs to get the XP-E far red for them to be 720-740nm.
And I have mine stuck onto some aluminum bar, very thin. They arent on for very long so u dont need to worry about mitigating heat too much. They are on less than 10 minutes a day so.


Gotcha. Perhaps I was confused because of the led choice. Probably not as easy to find mounted on a star, but osram ssl is a pretty good chip too. Pretty sure the 120 or the 150 is available in 720nm, maybe both.


RapidLED has the far-red mounted on a star for 3.50$ he just took a pic of the wrong LED. But yea Osram does have them as well, I think a couple other brands. Cree and Osram are the ones I see people using. I just went with some Ebay ones. Which who even knows if they are legit.


On RIU, there is a whole thread dedicated to far red and its effects while I’m sure it’s not condoned to advertise other forums. Information is information and it’s got some good stuff in it. @Newgrwr2018 maybe you could take a read at it , it’s called The Far-Red thread.


I’ll check it out. For being on for 30minutes heat nor electric use shouldn’t matter. 500-700ma makes sense. Thx. I post further ideas soon. 12/12 starts 10-13 so i gotta hurry if it’s happening this grow.


$3.75 X 10or 11? I assume since rapids has 4 for a 3x3 area since I have 4x6 to cover. They come with wire I just attach them to a strip of aluminum and add a driver? What driver?
@Aolelon that riu thread is awesome. Lots of great article
To read from it. If you enjoy scanning scientific articles. Lots of trolls too(hate that) .


there are but that’s anywhere. I think you would be good with around 10. You can always decrease the time or increase it.Really you would need to figure out how hard you’re going to run them to calculate how many you would need.