Current and future grow journal


Ick, what you have there still looking great!


That’s the game you play with regular seeds haha. It’s all good, I was hoping to get a good mother plant out of it.


Yup. A few members would probably donate a nut for them right now.


@dbrn32 I received an email saying they are ready for testing.


Got it too.

I’m trying to tally up how many I need, will probably order in next day or two. You gonna order some? Or want me to grab some?


I was going to order a couple just to check them out I think. At least 2 boards. Cause you can test it with the 60w driver and the 90w driver


Yup, I think there’s a 120 watt driver too?


My 3 girls, super lemon haze, cookies and chem, and the Aurora indica. I put the indica in a 3gal pot, starting to grow pretty nicely. Took 2 clones of the chem and 4 of the SLH, I have never cloned before so we will see what happens. I am pretty much just waiting to see if they root, before I flower. I tried them down a bit to open up the middle of the plants. I have a scrog net that was built for my tent, I am debating if I want to throw it on and start filling it out, or just let them go.


@dbrn32 I began supplamenting with my PureUV bulb. Going to start with 15 mins twice a day at 10 and 3, will work up from there.


Sweet! Keep me posted.


imo scrog, lst is a must unless you can grow as many plants under as many lights as you want. My .02.


I was going to, I’m just gonna let em go this time, have too much going on atm to build a new scrog net that would work for this area. I did tie them down a little bit to open up the middle of the plant.


The Aurora Indica I have growing at a friends house, about a month into flower now. Starting to get nice and frosty.just top dressed with some neem seed meal, cause the soil is running out of nitrogen it looks like.


The PureUV bulb is ridiculously strong. I went in to just make sure that it was turning on, and the smell it puts off is intoxicating. Must be from the chemicle reaction or I dont know.
Also one of my clones of the SLH has begun rooting.


What is the model number of you T5 HO fixture. I am interested in how UV may affect my plants. May do some experiments at some point.

I have a good source for the UV tubes but the T5 fixtures that I have looked at seem to lack quality. @Aolelon @dbrn32


You’ll have to wait on him. I think he pieced that stuff together to get that particular reflector.


Thank you, @dbrn32, I have plenty of time. Just don’t want to waste $$$ on crappy equipment if I can avoid it.


@merlin44 Here is the link to the one I have. I have never used a t5 fixture for growing. Not much around me and found this one on amazon. The reflector is separate that I added to the frame. It was originally a 4 ft piece and I cut it to fit. Its a t5 reflector I found online for 12$


@Newgrwr2018 so took some pics today, starting to get pistils on the top of all three plants, just after 6 days of switching to 12/12. I increased 6 min EOD and I am seeing a lot of stretch, so I reduced it to 5mins to see if it helps slow some of it down.
@dbrn32 I have the UV on for 3 intervals of 15 mins as of this time, I am going to add another interval of 15 mins tomorrow. I dont really see any I’ll effects other than maybe one plant that grew to close into it. Cause some slight discoloration. But I cant be 100% sure that is the cause.


Cool! You can never really be sure of every little detail, I’ll trust your judgment there. Wouldn’t really be any different than results, which is why there’s all the crossed up info on it.