Current and future grow journal


That sucks dude, sorry you had to go through that. Congrats on the expansion though! You reconfiguring lights for the bigger space?


Yea it was a mess, but it all worked out in the end.
I’m not sure, I’m going to see how this configuration works out for now in there, I do have pretty good spread already with this set up, I’m just wondering if there is too much distance between the two kits at 18" height, about 9-10" separates them in the middle, so I’m thinking I’ll get my best par readings at 24" or so due to that.


The way I have it now there is a plant under each board, so it’s doing a good job


Right on! Hopefully works out well.


Figured I havent posted anything in a bit. I started a different grow, let’s not ask about the last one lmao.
Germinated 8 seeds, 7 formed and all 7 popped. 2 Cookies and Chem 2 Purple Badlands 1 Sundae stallion from GPS 1 Aurora Indica from Nirvava and a seed from my last harvest that popped out of Super Lemon haze.
These are 20 days old from seed. All the seeds are regular seeds except 2.
Doing RDWC for a Purple Badlands and a C&C and the rest is in Coco Loco.
Feeding Megacrop

I do have one of the plants outside from the last grow. Beginning to flower now.


So about this last grow… just kidding haha!

They look real good! Are you supplementing the megacrop with anything? That’s suppose to be 1 part right?


Something happened, I got hella paranoid and had to get rid of the plants, didnt really have nowhere to take them, so they went to the ditch lmao. Turns out I probably over reacted, but one of those better safe than sorry type deals.
It’s all good. Plenty of time to grow.
Megacrop is a 1 part. Includes all the nutrients you will need for veg and flower. I’ve heard some really good things about it. They will send you a 230g sample if you just pay shipping.
I have been adding Hydroguard and Mammoth P to it. As well as a bit of CalMag (not much, just to bring PPM of the RO water up to about 100).
The plants have all been super healthy so far.
Just topped 3 of them today.


Nice! I hear you about the plants, probably would’ve done same thing.


Looking good man, definitely rather be safe than sorry.


Growing quick! The leaves on one of the RDWC plant are absolutely massive.


Killin it dude!


Thanks, I am eager to sex them, I am thinking I should just wait.


Throw a cutting in window sill in glass of ph’d water? If it’s an option anyway.


I am thinking it would be easier just to flip 12/12 and sex them all at once, and once they show. Just switch back to 18/6. There would be a bit of a recovery time I think, but it shouldnt be too bad. Alternatively, if I just wait they should show on their own.


Yup, I wouldn’t mess around with having to reveg them.


Looks like Ghost Hunters.


Were 2 days shy of a month from seed, and I am surprised how fast these plants are growing. Megacrop is killing it.


They definitely look great!


I just logged in on that other place :roll_eyes:


Chopped 3 plants, they were males, im suspecting the only two females are the SLH and the Aurora indica(solo cup) I’m going to transplant the solo cup and take some clones from the SLH