Current and future grow journal


I’m going to see if I can work up to that, a buddy I sent 6 of the bulbs to runs his 13w reptile with no Ill effects 12/12 and says he could definitely use more UV so that’s why I sent him some, they dont ship to the UK.
I could see not being able to run the full 12/12 if the plants got too tall, as I’m pretty limited on ceiling height right now, so if they grow to within 18" of my light I will have to cut it back some I think. But I will just have to play it by how they look too.


That’s pretty much what I was asking. Just to have an idea while I’m following along.


The soil I have is ready. Slurry test shows a PH of 6.5, but the thing I was afraid of most is bugs would be brought back into the grow tent, and that’s exactly what happened. They are tiny white bugs that jump around like fleas. I havent identified them yet. Unsure if they are root aphids or what. I bought some DE and FF but off spray to try and take care of them. I’m not even sure if they are harmful to plants yet.


Ughhh, that stuff sucks. If you get them identified it’s easier to isolate what will zap those little bastards.


Yea I know, I cant figure it out. Been researching the past couple days. They just crawl right over the DE


I’ll see if I can take some pics and have the good people of ILGM identify them for me


Anyone have any idea what these are? I havent seen them eating my plant up top yet, who knows if they are doing any damage beneath the soil.


I guess they are Springtails. They eat fungus, mold, decomposing leaf matter.


I’ve never heard of them. I was kinda thinking maybe thrips, but not 100% sure.


Thats what i was thinking at first. But they dont have any of the same look as Thrips, and i would imagine they would be all over the plants right about now. And i havent seen not one of these even near the stem.


Not only are springtails harmless to the garden & do not bite, but their presence indicates good soil health. Their diet consists of decaying matter, fungus, & bacteria, & their activity helps keep nitrogen in the soil. A healthy garden & especially a healthy compost pile has them in abundance.



Crisis averted then, hard to argue with that!


Yea that’s what I thought lol


3/4 plants seem to be growing quite nicely. I planted the 4th one about 5 days after the others, it doesnt seem to have the push as the other ones have had.
Daytime temps have been around 83F with 45-50% humidity.
Fed them a compost tea brewed for 36 hours just to make sure the soil was live. Have been watering with tap water. I made a 5 gallon jug, then crushed up a 500mg Vitamin C pill to put in it. This both neutralizes the chloramines in the water, and lowers my PH.


Looking great mate and I see you have the clay pot’s I have some here also I think that they are good with females with all the transplanting keep on cruise control mate :v:️.


I’m only using them cause they are smaller, I have 3 gallon and 5 gallon fabric that I will be using when they are a bit bigger.


I have the same mate they were my nanny’s and I still have them so I like to think they bring me some luck with them, for a hugh root ball and 100% perfect harvest :+1:.


@Aolelon mate, how are your plant’s doing now I just read over your thread again just now don’t forget us buddy yeah… :v:


They’re doing okay, I just started flowering 2 of them. I actually ran in to some problems and had to abort 2 of them, and hide the other 2. My AC ended up burning out, and had to tear everything down to get it fixed, so I couldn’t spend the energy like I wanted on them. But I did end up expanding my grow space to a 4x4x7 using panda film so it’s a step up from the 4x2.5x5 that I was using.
I planted 2 more autos in some Coco to make up for the 2 that I had to kill off at the time.


Hey good to hear from you you mate, sorry about the 2 that didn’t make it but thankfully you are up and going again your 2 older lady’s a very healthy and strong and you have 2 more already on the way that great work mate :v:️.