Current and future grow journal


I’ve been sick as hell. Work is kicking my ass. Trying to maintain at the moment. How about yourself.


In other words, typical shit?! Just getting over being sick too, but was like 36 hours of fever and everything that comes along with it, and now I’m fine. Still a little weak, but feeling much better. Hopefully you are soon too!

Everything else pretty good!


Yea pretty much, seems like everyone I know is getting it or just had it. But yea I’m doin pretty well otherwise, bout to get my own house here in a couple months so hopefully I can start back up a couple plants


Congrats bro!


Did you happen to get any time on those boards to form an opinion? Seemed pretty good to me.


I havent used them, I did power them up and they seem pretty legit. He actually just emailed me and said they have the HLG 100 and they are adding 660nm reds to their boards so.


I seen them, didn’t really like the layout on the boards with 660’s. But less picky people probably wouldn’t care lol. The standard 36v boards I’ll probably grab some of, eventually. Trip to Vegas and Christmas being as close together has me out of that game for a while.