Current and future grow journal


Those are lookin great, very frosty looking stacked.


Yea man I can only imagine. It’s pretty crazy when you thinkabout it. Just have to keep making great memories as often as possible.


Yeah working out very nice im very excited to have 5 weeks left of flower, thanks. Im an outdoor guy but this is my first indoor grow im getting into it. I like it


Yes sir that’s the ticket. And take lots of pictures. As they help to remember the finer details of memories past.


Im working on it🤣


This strain is haze xtreme from crop king seeds


Happy Birthday! I’ll have an extra beer on your account haha!


Lmao thanks


Haha thanks bro, I’ll cheers to that!


30 was a good year for me, hopefully the same for you. I’m about 18 months from 40 and all I can tell you is that the days don’t slow any.


Happy Birthday @Aolelon


Happy Belated Cake Day Ao! Here’s to 30 mo! :beers:
Im about 8 months from 30 myself. And its going quickly for me too


Thanks :slight_smile: yea it does man not much you can do about it either haha, try and savor as much as possible


Thank you!


All trimmed up, got some nice purple color on the cookies and chem, has an amazing diesel smell. Fully recommend these seeds by GreenPoint Seeds. Fun plant to grow.


Awesome looking nugs there, nice work!


Thanks, they turned out very nice.


What kinda cookies was it? N u say Chem, im guessing 94? Hows the smoke?


It was called Chem and Cookies from Greenpoint Seeds. It was way fire, they all were. Had a super gassy taste.


How you been?