Current and future grow journal


Nice for the price I’ll probably just go for the big 21 pound bag. It is $55 plus about $12 for shipping it estimated. That’s about the best I’ve seen especially since it seems pretty easy to use.

What other supplements did you use?


That’s it. Just been using the megacrop. I actually just ran out so I’ve been using Foliage Pro to keep feeding. But this grow has been ridiculously healthy. I know a few people who made the switch over at RIU and they removed everything and just use Megacrop now.


Actually I was adding Silica in the beginning of the grow- Pro Tekt, but I stopped using that about 2 weeks before flower.


That’s great to hear. I think I’ll go for it. I’ll still be adding hydro guard since I’m in hydro. I had actually been on the hunt for a fair priced dry powder nutrient over the last few days. I might make it through this short grow with what I have now but I’ll buy that as soon as I get close.


Yea I actually had a couple plants in RDWC and was adding hydroguard. It does pretty well in Hydro.


Awesome thanks for that info. Definitely a easy choice now.


Dont you just love this community :joy::joy:


Yep amazing amounts of knowledge here. I keep saying it but they all keep proving it accurate.


Chopped the SLH, the other two are just about done, they are getting ridiculously heavy, had to tie up a few branches. They are falling all over the place.




Thanks. I cant wait to try them.


new lights up. Flipped today. Far red turn on tonight!!!


I tucked everything when the lights went on. Checked on them 3 hours later had to tuck more. When I was done tucking had to tuck again. Wow these lights


Good shit, cant wait to see the results.


Awesome! I’ll be watching to see how that far red works out as well.


Lifes moving too fast, I turn 30 today. Spent the day trimming and reflecting. Crazy how fast time flys as you get older. Prob gonna be my last grow until I can get my own place, such a great community here and I’m glad to have been helped/ helped everyone I could. You guys are amazing.
Plant cant even hold itself up lol


Happy birthday!


Thanks Raustin, much appreciated.


Plants looking beautiful. Happy birthday to you! If you think it flies by fast now just wait. I am 8 months from 40 and it seems like yesterday was 30 lol.


I’ll join the party hell lol. I have 5 weeks of fflflower left on these ladies. Heavy extreme defoliation