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Yeah that’s not bad for price. Definitely cheaper than the kits.


Plc has a strip, don’t remember if it has anything beyond 660 though.


Is this it? Not too bad, they are using the XP-E photo red. If you could put some 730nm diodes with it, it would be a good deal for sure. 2.5 umol/j @ 50w and 2.9 @ 18w isn’t bad at all. I wonder what CRI lm301b diodes they are using. I think it would be a bit better with maybe 6-8 diodes.


Looks right, if the distribution graph is accurate they’re not 80cri. Or at least I’ve yet to see one with much beyond 680nm anyway. Hard to say with gg, you know how likes to be.


I read a nice blurb on ledpassion about far red. Just makes me excited to use it.


Man this Cookies and Chem from Greenpoint seeds is just packing on the frost. I’m loving it. The aroma in my basement is sweet almost. Very nice smell.


Yea that thing is nuts!

Yo aoe. I wantd to ask you about the megacrop deal. How did you feed? Like tblspoons? Is there a chart or more of a bu feel thing? All i have is that sample pack. N have fed twice. Albeit SUPER lightly


They have a feeding chart online, you need a scale to measure out grams for feeding, I think its 4g per gallon in veg. Then it starts going up towards late veg and flower to about 6g
You can find the feeding chart online, it’s pretty in depth.


I found a calculator bit for the life of me couldn’t understand it. A few other sites journals had some heavy discussions but u know how everyone else is. Thread turnd into a flame war about english teaspoons vs americans. N how a ml converts to grams. I left more confused. I settled at a tablespoon per gallon n intending to start slow i made it half a tablespoon… also a dash of emulsion just cuz i got it :joy:

Thanks anyway man. Im shaking this bottle still


Not that big of a deal. If you have a gram scale for weighing out bags, that’s about perfect.


Thats what i figured but i havent ownd a scale since college when i thought i was a dealer :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:. Ill get one tho.


A tablespoon per gallon is too much, 1tsp is close to 4g. If you’re using 1tbsp of the Megacrop, unless in flower. Might be a bit too much (close to 7g). So I would be careful. You would really need a scale. Different things weigh different at the same volume.


The calculator, all you do is input how many gallons you’re mixing at a time, if doing 1g jugs, just put in 1, then scroll down and it will show you how many grams to put in that 1 gallon of water.


Whoops :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5: Well… hope i didnt cook her. N i used a half a tblspn. My bad. Still too high. But i did run water thru her after.

Yea i defo used too much. Will find out in the am eh?.?


I think you should be okay, just feed a little light next time. Let me know how it goes. I know 3 tsp = 1 tbsp so you should be right around 5.5g or so


Where did you get a sample of mega crop? The price on it seems reasonable. And since it’s made for cannabis its probably better than what I was looking at.


I honestly cant remember. Google it :joy::joy: someone put me on it here. Decent sized. Seems like itll get’r done. They have bloom boosters too.


Nice I’ll look into it. I’ll probably just buy it seems good for price.


If u can. Check thier supplements. Seems like a solid line. Just need a scale to weigh it out (which aint much)

@Aolelon (the co-light doctor) just finishd a grow with it


You can get it from Greenleaf Nutrients, a 230g bag if you just pay shipping.