Current and future grow journal


Next week is when I plan to flip. I won’t rush to make the light. I’m going to just put a strip of them down the middle of the room mounted with the 560s. 3 strips and the far red wide 70inches long.


I putting off the flip for a week per advice from here on size of scrog. Light will be built by then. Is it advisable to use it from day one of flip- first day of 12/12?


You can yes, but it may cause extra stretch. You will just have to watch it and see how it looks to you.


Monitor stretch with? Length between nodes? What length would I want?


I cant answer what length you’d want. That’s a personal preference type of thing. But yea mostly intermodal spacing is what you’ll be watching for.


Really I dont know too much about using far red. If u want more answers I’d ask the guys over in the far red thread, as that is a whole thread dedicated to it. And there are a few guys that are doing some pretty good things with it. They would def be able to help u out more than I could.


For your first time, I would switch them, then after you see pistils, begin using the far red supplament. That way you can get a feel for it.


I’m signing up now. It won’t send a confirmation email. So I’m dealing with that. I’m reading though. I like this post I attached. May use it from day 1.


Yea RB has a lot of knowledge and has helped me out a ton


I’m going to do the 2 before 3 after. I’m googling ideal node distance to monitor stretch.


It’s really going to be strain depend and as well. No two plants, apart from clones, are going to be exactly alike. But maybe a ballpark number might get you in the tight direction.


Some updated shots. Starting to fatten up.


Yessir, lookin really good!


eod far red and 560s


Awesome. Let me know when you flip how things go.


Is this the far red kit or just regular star boards in far red? I still think I’m going to add that emerson effect kit from rapid led. I’ll be watching yours to see how it goes.


Those are just regular far red stars and some 560mm led strips. I thin HLG 35 may be a better deal than rapid LED.
You could definitely try it. The Emerson effect is quite nice and is very underrated imo.


Looks to be the same price, but out of stock. With the HLG 35 you get deep red, red, and far red.
Which with the emerson effect you only really need the deep red and far red.


Ah I’m not doing it anytime soon. But I’ll definitely be watching here and that far red thread on the other place. I like the idea of being able to speed up the grow time. But it’ll come down to cost versus results.


If my understanding I correct I bought ten and am using it for 5 minutes. But 5 would be 10minutes? There 3.75 a peice plus $1 per wire and $35 driver. That’s a cheap upgrade.