Current and future grow journal


Hey all, might as well add one of these to show my progress of my current and future grows. More so to document my next grow as I am a couple weeks from finishing this one. Had a few problems around week 3 of flower. But it hasn’t been getting to much worse.
@Johnzy81 @Covertgrower @dbrn32
The Tent
A 48x36x5’ Tent from Zazzy
Using a 4" in line can and a 4" carbon filter
Have 2 small 6" fans
Small 300w heater

The Light
Using a 260 HLG Quantum Board and 2 double row Samsung F-series strips totalling around 350w of power.
I just added 5 5w Far Red (730nm) diodes to run 15mins before and 15mins after lights out.

The Plant
Started with 4 Super Lemon Haze seess that I bought in California a couple years ago. Germinated them using the paper towel method.
Started them under a Viparspectra 450w and changed to my current light a couple weeks later.
Growing in Fox Farm Ocean Forest. Using Dynagrow Foliage Pro and Bloom, GH calmag, Mammoth P.
2 of them ended up being Male and chopped them.
They are in week 6 of flower and 10 weeks from seed.


Soil cooking for next grow is an ROLS I have them split between two 55gal drums turning every day to aerate.
Spagnum Canadian Peat Moss (3cuft)
Fox Farm Ocean Forrest Unused (.75cuft)
Fox Farm Ocean Forest Partial grow (.75cuft)
Earthworm Castings (1cuft)
Perilite (and what is in the ocean forest) (2cuft)
7 Cubic Foot of base

Per cubic foot

2/3c. Alfalfa Meal (4 1/3c.)
1/2c. Kelp Meal (3 1/2c.)
2/3c. Fish Bone Meal (4 1/3c.)
1/2c. Insect Frass (3 1/2c.)

1/4c. Dolomite Lime (4 3/4c.)
2/3c.Rock Phosphate (4 1/3c.)
2/3c. Greensand (4 1/3c.)
2/3c. Azomite (4 1/3c.)
1/2c. Kelp Fertilizer


I’m set to watching @Aolelon thanks for starting this thread it was just yesterday we spoke about this very topic :v:️.


Looks really good I would smoke and be happy


@Aolelon thanks for the tag! Out of likes, but I did like your polyploid bud somewhere else in the forum. Very interesting. Love your light set up. I bet it kicks some butt in there.
Super lemon Haze I have on standby, so I’m admiring your plants, and they look phenomenal. I’ll set this to watching. 6 weeks in, they’re sure are filling nicely.
On your soils that is cooking at the moment, is your plan to grow the entire time with out adding additional nutrients?


@Covertgrower that’s my plan. Just water and an occasional compost yea. I also have stuff to top dress the soil if need be. But I’ve never done this before so we will se how it goes.


I’m definitely interested. My next grow I’ll probably have soilless and soil. Soil has its place I feel. This is going to be great. @Aolelon


I’ll be tracking this l so. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your grow!


Looking good dude, thanks for tag! I’ll switch to watching.


A little bud porn before I go to bed. Found a few nanners on my polypoid. I plucked em, hopefully there are none hidden or I’ll be sad.


Picture of my far red strip in effect. Looks pretty neat.


Looking great mate beautiful pics :100:


Looks like one of my plants is starting to foxtail slightly. Hopefully she fills in instead of builds worse.

Seems like the buds closer to the light are getting super frosty

Wish they would hurry up. I dont smoke anymore but I am definitely going to be trying these.


Holy sugar leaves! Post that last pic to bud porn thread. That looks so yummy


Some update pics. The plant on the left is sure beefing up nicely. I really wish I would have cloned it a few times. The genetics of that plant are just monstrous compared to the other one. Should be done in about 3 weeks. I’m getting impatient lol. Any guesses on how much product I’m gonna get?


They look real nice!


@Aolelon I think they look great. Sure you skipped a feeding, but at this point I would expect them to kind of look beat up, their near the end!


Nice colas!


Appreciated :slight_smile:


I got my AACT Vortex Brewer complete for next grow. Pretty simple design, cost about 50$ with the pump. Can make 4 gallons of compost tea at a time. If anyone wants the design or materials list, I can easily help out with any questions.