CurrDogg420’s Grow

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my garden! :potted_plant:

Guess I’ll start by giving the tour! I’m a basement grower (represent). If you have one of these it’s free geothermal. Most of the year the temp only varies about 10 degrees: 60-70F. And I’m already running a dehumidifier down there all year anyways.

I’ve got two 5x5 grow tents; I use one for flowering and the other for veg. They’re set on top of some 2” foam board insulation. I run a little oil-over-electric space heater and a humidifier in the veg tent (downwind). The flower tent stays in the perfect range just from the heat off the lights.

Both tents are ducted together; I run a 8” exhaust out the basement window, 24/7, and I have an AC infinity T6 pulling air in from the cool side of the basement. There’s also a second duct fan running off the same controller, which pulls air from the first tent into the second tent to keep the pressure balanced. The exhaust always runs a little bit faster than the intake so as to maintain negative pressure in both tents.

In my veg tent, I’m running 2 Bestva Pro 400w fixtures. Originally I bought one of these for each tent; they claimed to be able to flower a 5x5, but I measured with a PAR meter and they fall short by a lot. 2 of em though, at full blast, will definitely burn the shit out of your plants. :rofl: I generally run them at about 1/2 to 3/4 power.

The plants in here are 2x Banana Kush (ILGM), and a couple of different phenotypes of some scotch bonnet peppers which I cloned from the veggie garden this year. I didn’t do a great job training those, maybe I shoulda scrogged em? :laughing: I was trying to make some keeper seeds from them but so far only the plant closest to the heater has produced any pods.

I think I’m outta pics, so TBC…


In my flower tent, I’m running a ChilLED tech x6 600w fixture. I’ve been really impressed with it. The coverage is nice and even and it hits the right numbers.

The plants in here are Strawberry Cough and Wedding Cake. They’re getting the chop tomorrow morning (stay tuned).

Over on the other side of the basement, is my worm farm. Originally I hoped to turn my old root balls back into worm castings but more on that later.

And finally, my Christmas present, 3x3 AC infinity drying tent de luxe.

One last item to mention, my most recent addition, 75 gpd RO/DI filter, though I haven’t connected the DI stage yet. Feeds a 55 gallon rain barrel which feeds the humidifier in my veg tent. $100 on Amazon for this unit (minus the barrel which I already had).


Nice looking setup

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2/4 Schwazz node pruning treatment for ILGM Banana Kush in preparation for flowering. This pretty lady is going to win me Bud of the Month!



Good Morning @CurrDogg420 you have a very impressive setup. I will be happy to hang out and learn from your grow!! Happy Growing :blush::v:


Very nice set up! You have providing ideas I hope to implement! You have given me inspiration to get the basement cleaned up so I can configure a way to run my two 4x2’s side by side. Take care and I am excited to watch your grow.

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Nice set up :heart_eyes: Looks like your growing some beauties. The worms will take of your of your rootballs in no time. My worms devour my old rootballs fast enough that I just leave the rootballs on the soil and cut the plant stalk at the soil. Once I was gonna pull it but when I moved some soil, the worms were feasting on it so I decided to just leave it.
Happy harvesting :v::green_heart:


@JaneQP thanks, that’s awesome! Please tag me or something if/when you get it set up and you have pics to share. Or drop em in here! :blush:

2/5 Stoned Groundhog Day! All he saw was frost so he forgot about his shadow. He says the buds look dees :ok_hand: and he’s calling for 6 more weeks of curing time.



Congrats on the harvest. Looking good.

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My other grow is pretty frosty right now too.


Very nice. Good looking buds.

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2/5 (continued). It’s like an assembly line. :grin:


Wow bro! You really got things rolling! Will be a permanent fixture in this thread lol.


RO/DI filter? Is that something I should look into? I’m assuming that it’s for filtering water?
I’m using well water at my house which is a natural spring well. Any issues that may arise from the water I’m using?

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Wowza. great set up. Great plants.!

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[quote=“The_Chef, post:15, topic:82282”]
RO/DI filter? Is that something I should look into
RO is reverse osmosis. Is a water purification process (through a membrane filter) to remove minerals and particulate matter from water. Mostly used by growers with crappy source water or very high PPM. Companies bottle what you have and sell it as spring water. If your water has reasonable PPM of under 300 or 400, then you do not want or need to change it. The minerals taken out would generally need to be replaced like calcium, potassium and magnesium and others.
RO is often used because of its low ppm thus allowing for more nutrients to be given.
I have a private well and use it. My PPM is around 180


Ok cool. I’m still waiting on my truncheon stick to get here on a slow boat from cali, and then I’ll give it a test.

Thanks bro!


I have very clean tap water here, measured it just now at 148 ppm. If anything it’s actually a little low for the plants, I’ve had to supplement with some cal mag before the end most of the time. I’m trying to boost my calcium organically more now with the help of the worms.

Reason I had to get one, and I held out for a long time, is because I started to need a humidifier in my veg tent. I heat my home with firewood so my air is crispy dry right now. It got to the point where watering in there once a day wasn’t enough. Once I added the humidifier, I was back to watering every other day (ish).

But then my exhaust filter got plugged up within like a week. Figured, well it’s been running 24/7 for like 8 months, maybe it was done. Swapped in a brand new AC infinity filter, same result. The filter sock went from black to white. And so I bought the RO - $100 on Amazon, came with a float kit so it fills the barrel automatically, and the replacement filters were comparably cheap.


What are attributing the cause to. Wood burning or running a humidifier. We usually have two wood burners going. A fireplace insert and a Vermont castings stove.

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