Curly leaves, problem?

My current grow of 5 white widow is in 5th week of flower, 3 gal bags, fox planting mix 1 gal, coco loco 2 gallons. They have been doing great, but this morning 1 of them had these curly leaves. I’ve been feeding them nutes every 4 days at 1500ppm ph 6.25 and watering every day. Am I over watering? Never saw this in any other grows. Thanks in advance.


You will need to fill out a grow support ticket with some more info


Here is the link so you can copy and past it.
Just fill in the answers as best you can

Your plant looks heat stressed.
Maybe nitrogen burn.
Need pictures in natural light or use a flash to get natural colors.

Maybe how often do you water? My 3.5 gal pots take 3/4 gallon every 2 or 3 days.

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What are your temps and rh??

Noobie here but looks to me like you are using MH light? It’s possible that their leaf surface temperatures are too high. Or temperature in general.

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About 86 degrees in light cycle, 45% humidity. Night cycle 74 degrees 63% humidity. Generally I water 1/2 gallon per day. Nutes, FF big bloom grow big and buds and blooms every 4 days @ 1500ppm @ 6.3ph. Plain water other days @ 6.3 ph. I’m using an HPS1000 watt with “super lum”, on now. The plants are 45" tall, and the light is at max height. I’ve been growing about a year. This is #4.

Anyway, is 86 degrees too warm? I am vented out with a 1000cfm in line fan, and have 3 fans + a fan blowing at “ground level”. Maybe I should flush? I have FF Sledgehammer. These are 9 weeks old from sprouting. I have not flushed yet at all. What do you think?

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I was thinking the same. It looks like you are cooking her. My viparspectras will do the same if I don’t keep a lot of space between the light and plants. If this is your 4th grow. I would think you have your light dialed in there. I can’t think of any one off hand here that is using your lights to ask.

I don’t think 3/4 gallon will completely saturate the soil in a 3 gal bag

I also use 3 gal bags and instead water 1.5 gal every 4 days.

The rule of thumb is to water vigorously anf completely but only when they get dry… Almost drooping

Its not a bag its an airpot. My 5 gal bags only take 1 gal. What kind of medium are you using? I cut my soil with 25% perlite (3:1 soil to perlite.)

Letting them dry to drooping will kill of microbes and fungi. I treat my innoculated soil the same as living soil but because I use salt nutes I water and feed to runoff.

@Newt sounds like time to flush, yeah? Or rather, well past flush time.

Likely. The schedule calls for a sledgehammer flush when flipping to 12/12 and then every 3 weeks after.

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