Curly bulbs (cfl) do they grow good buds?

Hey new to the forum here I started these 2 plants months ago and switched to 12 12 about 4 weeks ago now and I’ll post some pics of where I’m at. I’m justcurious if anyone Else has done this I’m using24 bulbs 23 to 27 watts each and have had some good plant progress past 3 months and good buds starting past 2weeks. I m just looking for feed back on what kind of product yous ended up with


they’ve only been given 4 jobes each for fertilization and watered with tap water that has sat for 3 days before watering both are full of springtails nothing I’m worried about aside for the cringe side of watching them bounce around…anyways any info or past expierence would be good. I’ve had people tell me it won’t work and the pics prove otherwise


I was growing good solid buds with CFL back in the 1990’s, your plants look great.

Any bud greater than 6 inches away will be fluffy. In a scrog setup, you may pull decent yield


Anything is possible but it’s kinda like saying can you use a Samurai sword to slice a pizza… not the most efficient way but atleast you’re growing buds!! Let us know how it works. @dbrn32 is the light guru


My first time in years growing. I had a decent set up when I had the whole basement to myself with 4 rooms and using 1000 watters but sold all my epuipment. now just puttering around in my closet I’ll keep everyone posted. I was just looking for anyone’s past experience with these curly bulbs… springtails too man makes my skin crawl watering my women but no point trying to get rid of them at this stage.

They have to be close, like 2 inches away.
I used them alot but now 1000w mh hps and a few 400w.

Cfls just dnt have the penetration and loose there intensity after a few inches.
Led bulbs with domes off work well too


Good job, some people dont get the size of pkants with good lighting, dont get discouraged, its not the best lighti option, but image wat you can do with a more efficient light source, keep us posted @dbrn32 is our light guru, he’ wont lead you wrong


I’m sure it’ll work but in my opinion it could be better. For $300 you can buy a horticulture lighting group HLG 260 that can blast the efficiency, spectrum and wattage to shame. Currently you are using 600 watts and you can take that to less than half and get a way better end product with it. Using what you got is good until the grow bug bites lol.

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Cfl’s grow plants pretty well. They’re not as good at flowering but will get the job the done. The reason you don’t see more people grow with them is because the efficacy is pretty low, which means amount of par per watt. I snagged this from hlg/Amazon which I believe was done by ledgardener.

As you can see, power consumption vs par output is significantly lower than even first generation pcb tech.

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