Curling towards light

This is my first grow & it has been doing pretty good up until now I’d say. My plants look nearly healthy but for some reason some of my plants leaves are curling up towards the light! May I please get some advice or knowledge on to what is happening & why, thank you all.

When’s the last time you watered? Usually it’s a sign of heat stress but not all of your leaves are doing it. Could you fill out a support ticket so we can get to the root of the issue? Thanks!!!

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What are you using for lights plants that reach for light sometimes are too far away or not getting enough leaves will always aim to where best light is. Or away when they are getting too much


Strain: Jack’s Dream
pH: 6.5
Light: 1000w hps dimmed down 50%
I’ve used GO Bio Thrive Grow & CaMg+ about 2 weeks ago for more nitrogen since I know that’s what it needs more of for Veg right now.
The leaves are still curling towards the light but I rotated my tree litterally 15 minutes ago so now it looks like it’s curling away from the plant

Were those leaves close to a heat source or a fan? It looks like you have a driver on the floor nearby and you might wanna see how hot it is getting.

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What size pot is she in? She looks like she’s suffering from heat issues and possibly in need of water. I think she might also be a little rootbound.

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They are in 12 inch pots & I do see a bit of roots sticking out the bottom holes now. I water them every 2 days or other day it depends on how fast the top of the soil dries. The temp has ranged from 77 to 84°F & the humidity ranges from 44 to 54%. The only real heat source is my 1000w hps bulb, it’s running at 50%, does that make a difference?

Yes, she’s definitely rootbound. If she’s not an auto, i would go ahead and transplant her into at least a 3 gallon pot, preferably a 5 gallon.

What size would 5 gallon pots be cuz for some reason I only see them in inches over here. I thought 12 inches would be good but obviously not, how big should I go?

These cloth pots are great and quite cheap.

Also, I forgot to mention, those clay pots are hard to work with because they soak up the water from the soil. They need a good soaking before you even try to use them and then you need to make sure they don’t dry out. I think you’ll find those cloth pots much easier to work with because it’s almost impossible to over water with them.

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I was thinking of getting those tbh but wanted to do some research on them first though. Ya I can tell cuz the clay even turns a darker color when the water gets soaked up into the clay. I’ll most likely get the fabric pot but I know transplanting will be a bit more difficult now. I’ve also only fed the plant some nuts once but using this Fox Farm Ocean Forest it seems like I don’t need to add much, I only added a lil bit of N for veg

Yes, the FFOF is a pretty hot soil and you can usually get through all of veg without adding anything to it. Don’t be afraid of transplanting, it’s no big deal. Just let the plant dry out a bit, turn her upside down and give her a shake. She’ll pop right out. Sometimes you have to knock the pot a bit to loosen things up, but don’t be afraid to be aggressive. Then just put her into her new pot. You’ll see almost immediate results. Plants love getting more room.

What happens if the roots get cut though? Does it just make more roots or just plain mess up the plant?

Roots don’t mind a little trimming, they grow right back. As long as you don’t harm the root ball you’ll be fine.

Thought so, thanks for all the help you guys I appreciate everything