Curling top leaves

So my plants are their first week of flowering. And one of the plants top leaves looks funny. They are curling in sometimes and some days they don’t. Don’t know if I should be concerned or what…


A closer picture


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My two cents…

Canoeing can happen when they are thirsty…

Think about how the plant would try to direct as much rain water to her center…

My guess… the days you water they don’t do it and the days you don’t water they do it… If so definitely water related

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Ok… I figured I didn’t have to go through all of that, since it was a general question but no worries.
Fox farms ocean forest soil, 2x4 indoor tent, fabric pot, 6.3-6.6ph, and the strain is blue cheese and the seeds came from some bud I bought in Cali. I keep the humidity 45-60 (day and night) Temps stay a between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. I also have a humidifier and 3 fans and one exhaust fan 6in.
Now I hope these details help. And it only happens to this plant out of 6. And only the top leaves???

Oh I forgot… viparspectra tc600 led light

Ok… It’s not a life threatening issuei admit…

Maybe observe here and her reaction to watering…

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It doesn’t matter anymore… 4 of the 6 plants were males including the one in question so I got rid of them.

Bad luck…