Curling of leaves/ should i harvest?

Hey guys. Recently i posted a topic where my leaves were yellowing/browning and curling up. a couple of you told me it was nutrient lockout due to the fact that my ph pen broke and haven’t gotten a proper read. I ended up flushing my plants 2 days ago with a ph of about 6.5 until the ph of my plants ran clear at a ph of 6. 2 days later and i’ve noticed a lot of my leaves are curling up and are brittle. the 1.5 gal plant(plastic pot) is 8 weeks into flower today and i’m wondering if i should harvest. my pot for pot plant(fabric pot) is about 7 weeks and am unsure if it should be harvested too. any input or advice is well needed :slight_smile:


Still think you have a couple off weeks. See many white pistils still.

My blueberry looked very similar. I mistimed the harvest and it went without nutes for nearly a month. I wound up harvesting a bit too soon fearing the dead and drying leaves would spread. I could have waited at least two more weeks.

How do the trichomes look?