Curling leaves!

It did work - well, not the random ass screw - but the rest of it did. :joy: it was clumsy but I told myself when I took down the tent in my garage, I’d remove the lights and get them properly assembled and soldered. And then I had too many lights to hang in my room (there’s a ceiling fan in the middle of the room that prevented me from hanging all of them) and it suddenly wasn’t a priority at all, so it was collecting dust instead of getting fixed up to look proper.

I’ll probably be taking the other one I have and repairing it shortly, I have a wee tent for breeding I need to get put up and a 2x2 light is gonna be perfect.

Anyway, I’m stoked they made it to you and extra glad I sent along the blurples for the interim - just turn on all the switches and let ‘em ride. :100::v::sunglasses:

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Lol thank you so much for everything brother!

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Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately, my fiancé passed away. Here’s some pics from last night, they’re getting huge!

Sorry to hear about your loss. I cannot imagine. Stay strong, keep friends and fam close. They will help you get through it. My son took his life 2 years ago and that was really hard but a spouse or partner. No words.

Thank you brother

I’m so sorry to hear that, my friend. I’m glad more than ever that you have growing to be some therapy through this time. :frowning: