Curling leaves what to do?

Some of my leaves on this plant are wanting to curl under and some curling up any suggestions? I’m in soil in 5 gal bucket in grow room lined with reflective material. I ran out of water trying to get runoff so will mix more to test ph

First guess is heat.
But, Tell us about your temps, lights, (type and height from plants) as well as humidity.

Filling out a support ticket can give the community the essentials on your grow, and help give a better diagnosis.

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Temp in room 70 and humidity 54. I’m using 1000 wt led but if you think heat probably too close to lights since plant has grown so much. Distance from light about 12 inches. When my fan leaves stand pointing up or sideways is my plant reaching for light?

I’m growing in soil in a 5 gal bucket in a grow room I made out of a big walk in closet and lined with reflective material. It’s a seed I had saved from some good smoke

Without knowing what lights and what stage of growth you’re at, I’d say this is the issue


I agree. You probably want a light that size a little farther away from the canopy, but it’s hard to say how high would be best without knowing exactly which light.

1000 wt led light about 12 inches from plant and I’m in 8th week of veg stage

1000 watt led grow light

Just realized my fan wasn’t setting right for good circulation so maybe that will help. Thanks so much

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Leaf curling under like a broken leaf also could be wind burn. Is the fan blowing directly on the area in question?

No I have it set back so it barely russels the leaves. This is more of a droopy leaf and the cupped up leaf is going away since I moved my 1000 watt led so it’s not 12 inches from plant any more it’s 24 inches now. I’m thinking that may have been it as I noticed last night a couple of leaves on top were drying out. Thank you for your response I like all suggestions


Well I must have moved lights higher too late, this morning every new growth on the plant is yellow and dry and crunchy. I’m going to just start over it wasn’t a seed I bought just a seed I had. I think my clones in other grow room are starting to do same so now I’m going to learn how to use new digital ph reader. I think can do I hope I don’t have to calibrate it yet. This is something I haven’t been able to keep in line and my fox farm trio will be here week from Wednesday. I’m cleaning grow rooms and all utensils, was getting lack on keeping measuring spoon for nutrients clean. Fingers crossed my 3rd grow will be good, my 1st grow better than 2nd at least I got some great smoke some skunky some not. I’ll probably have more questions thanks so much