Curling leaves looks healthy

Hello guys this girl’s leaves are all curling up. I’ve read it could be heat stress but it doesn’t fit the other symptoms like yellowing leaves or brown spots. It looks perfectly healthy aside the leaves. Any ideas?


Cannabis (The Growth Stages of a Cannabis Plant - Market Business News) can curl for a number of reasons, but in most cases, it’s because the plant was overwatered during cultivation. This causes the stem to snap and then curve when drying out afterward.

Overwatered plants will display symptoms such as curling or cupping of the leaves and buds, brown spots on leaves, and unusual leaf discolorations.

How to Fix Cannabis Leaves from Curling Up or Down?.


Is she revegging or just leafy?

She had a hard time. I moved recently and she didn’t get light for a few days and it also caused me to not transplant her to a bigger container in time. So her growth is stunted for sure from that. Since I moved her to her new home she started growing again. This was 3 months ago and she was still in veg.

Other than the stunted growth and leaves curling up she seems healthy. She’s producing a grip of THC the entire plant is sticky. It was actually oozing THC from the top on one of the colas. I thought it was water until I touched it. Smells soooo good like fruity pebbles.

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The buds are not very big. Not sure how big they will get since it was stunted. I’m about to take a scope to the tricot we see how they look.

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O yeah. She’s getting there but id bet on another decent swell coming along.