Curling leaves?3rd week in soil

Not sure what is wrong…16 days in soil and leaves are curling??

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Welcome @Champ21
Can you post a couple photos.
Curling takes many different forms.

Curling up, curling down?


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Welcome to the community! You might need to fill out a support ticket and attach a couple pictures. Here is a support ticket, just copy and paste it to your page and answer the questions.


A support ticket will help us help you. Can you please fill out a support ticket? Please include what type of water you are using.

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• Indoor or Outdoor

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• Co2; Yes, No
Happy Growing

One is ok…and the other looks bad…bottom of growing pot too wet???

Plants at that age only need a few ml of water a day. Overwatering will cause problems.

The first pic looks like pH or nutrient problems. What soil are you using (brand and type,) and are you feeding fertilizers?

I mixed mother earth coco+ perlite with organic potting soil ,waited till it was drying out and used small amount of foxfire grow bud yesterday when watering yesterday
Waiting on pH meter.

How close is your light…how strong…everything…looks like a number of things

@Champ21 … Foxfarm Ocean Forest soil & organic soil for seedlings, is TOO HOT. That soil is killing your lil girl. If you prefer to use soil to start your seedlings, then use the Light Warrior made by Foxfarm.

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…but the other 4 are looking great ???mystery why that one is curled .I need to just leave them alone until next weekend

If you are doing everything to that one that you are doing to the others I would just cut your losses

I don’t think it has anything to do with the fox farm soil…this is my girl from day one in fox farm to now


Why would I cut my loses when they look like this at 15 days? ? P

I meant for the one that’s not doing to good it’s trying to tell you something. The others look great that one…not so much

They go into a tent at the end of the week…seemed to grow a lot in the last two days. Ready for them to really bush out…not sure what I’m doing but these auto white widows are great!

“The one” looks like it got misted with water and it fried under your lights….how’s it doing now?

And, he came to the forum, WHY? Looking for answers, right?

And, is that the Same plant? Same strain? Same genetics? Exactly the same soil?

Not ALL seedlings are created equal. Two of the exact same strain, will grow & develop differently as they mature.

Yes all the same…im gonna let it go to see what happens. Could be it got fried!