Curling leaf tips

Auto OG Kush Leaf tips curling down. No other symptoms. Have been very careful not to over or under water. Plants appear very healthy other than this. Plants are not too close to lights (hand test and using fluorescent lighting). Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.

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Nitrogen toxicity, flush and reduce nitrogen.


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Thanks for the input. Growing in Happy Frog with half strength Fox trio. Maybe a good flush and cut notes way back?

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Happy frog is usually nutrient rich enough for about a month with nothing needed but water.

I’d give her a flush, and yes, cut way back on nutes.
What’re your most recent runoff numbers?

Just finished giving them a good flush with distilled water.
PH in 6.48. ppm in 1.0 —- PH out 5.77. ppm out 149. Hope this straightens them out. We’ll wait and see and repost with results. Thanks to everyone for your quick responses and learned suggestions.
ILGM RULES :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We enjoy saving the weed! @ErnieX lol


i had a beautiful plant do the same thing i never figured it out and have since removed the plant because it began making both male and female flowers, i did find that the PH in the soil was at 6.0 or possible 5. something but hard to tell with the Cheap tester from the dollar store, the strange thing is all soil came from same place at same time all nutes were delivered to each plant at same time from same jug and same amounts, the only difference was the low PH pot was slightly smaller then the rest of the pots, all pots are 16 inch except the one which was 14 inch, I did keep the plant in dry form as i heard this pollen will make feminized seeds, Is that accurate info?

They’ll be mostly feminized, but will carry the hermaphroditism trait, because the original was. @frankiefingers

So how did this happen? I’d like to avoid it myself if at all possible?

Can you be more specific @TripleB?

@Covertgrower sure, what causes nitrogen toxicity? Soil being to hot?

The most common issue is simply over feeding nutrients. “Hot” soil doesn’t usually cause issues later on in the plants life, as it adjusts to the soil. In the beginning you’ll see twisty leaves, but as roots develop the plant kind of grows out of it. For lack of a description. Living soil is a bit of a different conversation.
Miracle grow soil uses “time release” nutrients and can cause issues in nitrogen toxicity. This only one reason why we don’t suggest miracle grow, when you have issues, you should flush the soil, but this releases more nutrients, because the fertilizer is mixed in. Then flushing causes more issues.
I hope this addressed your question. @TripleB


I’m not saying this is but in some cases leafs can go like this from a bug attack at least that’s what I’ve read up

@Budzbunny It can, but we were just discussing the nitrogen toxicity specifically. There are many more issues that cause leaf curling. Heat, light, low RH, and bugs to name a few.


@Covertgrower could I possibly pick your brains on this one plant I have in my room it has started to turn reddish on the leaf my temps have dropped during dark hours but I want to be sure it’s not a toxicity or a deficiency all my others are fine just one plant doesn’t seem to like something I’m doing

If your temperatures are dropping, that can cause a color change. Is this flowering yet? If you have a picture of the entire plant, it would be better.
The next question is PH. Check run off PH, if it’s good then it’ll happen naturally. @Budzbunny

@Covertgrower I’ve done some homework and have come to the conclusion that it’s iron deficiency it’s just gone into flower week1 so cross over period but I haven’t swapped over to bloom feeds yet I was suspecting a deficiency as I’ve light fed my plants but could be my ph was off and I hadn’t noticed I’ll never know for sure but I wasn’t happy with my conclusion of it been temp related glad I kept digging and found a better explanation for it

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So in what you mention above, you think it might be better to water with plain h2o until tip curl subsides?