Curling leaf down

The plants are 7 weeks old and some leaves are curling down? image

Welcome to the community. Maybe you just watered? Or it needs water? Is this outside?
Picture of the overall plant?

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We are starting them in our growing dome and then they are going outside next week.

They definitely need a transplant. There’s a yellowed variegated leaf, wouldn’t worry about that one. It’s genetics.
The curling is from too much nitrogen, and was recent as it’s only showing on the top off of the newer growth.
Getting into the sun, it will straighten itself out as it will demand more nitrogen directly in the sun.


Thank you that makes sense, we are feeding them Bergmans fertilizer and they are just starting the veg cycle and next week we were going to put them in the ground it’s going to rain most of this week.

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+1 on the nitrogen. Back off on the nutes a couple weeks. Hard to say how much for how long, but id skip a week, revaluation, and either skip again or 1/2 strength. And replant asap. Just my opinion, there will be better than i weigh in soon.


We are trying the Bergman fertilizer for the first time, we do our fertilizer once a week and did the seedling mix for 2 weeks and did one week so far of the veg and the nitrogen is pretty high on both. The curling started in seedling mix. We were just following the Bergman schedule. Thank you for helping

We decided to go ahead and plant them outside and it looks like they are ready

You said it before I could.


Here’s an update on that plant, it’s growing beautifully and no more curling leaves.

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