Curling Edges and Wilting

Currently running in DWC. Has been about 3 weeks since sprout.

pH has ranged from 5.6-6.1

I started with nutes a week ago. PPM was at 450 using Maxibloom. I plan to follow a modified version of the Lucas formula… Started off with less than 7g and was planning to work my way up to the 7g recommendation. I was worried I was too high too soon and causing this wilting and curling. Yesterday I did a res change and dropped to ~300 PPM with distilled water to see if it helped. It did not, it looks worse today.

Average about 75 degrees, 45% rh

Using 2ml of Hydroguard per gallon in a 5 gal bucket because I know water temps are somewhat higher than ideal.

Have about an inch of space between water and bottom of netpot.

Have included pics with and without led on.

Running Spiderfarmer1000 with lights on 24/7. This is a bubblegum auto from ILGM. Roughly 24 inches from the flower, 100% intensity.

Side note: The leaf on the lower right has been deformed since it first sprouted (I stupidly pinned that leaf against something, but it had rebounded nicely)

for one thing, now that you have a root, extend that distance between the net pot and the solution surface. That area is super important it is where the air roots form. I shoot for a 2/3 ratio 2 parts solution and 1 part air space. The bubbling action splashes up onto the air root too. If your water temps are high thats not ideal. Your plant is still young and I cant help you with the nutrients you are using as I have no experience with them

You’ll need more air when it gets larger. You’re looking for a “rolling boil”.

I can certainly drop it lower. In all of my searching I’ve seen recommendations from at net pot all the way to 3-4" or so below. You’re saying you stick by that 2/3 ratio always?

Yes I have 3 large air stones in there. Think there was only 1 inside during the picture as I was in the middle of doing the res change.

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Yes once my root is in the solution, I slowly lower my solution to about that ratio, I mark it on my sight glass. I top up as needed to stay in that range every day, with ph water and some feed from my batch. I test ph every day by sampling from the sight glass tube. Adjust if required. Once a week I drain and refill with fresh solution. This is one reason a recirculating system with a rez is superior.
The big thing is to stay ontop of EC and PH. If you are in a hot area, water temp will cause you issues. A reservoir and a chiller may be needed for optimal conditiins

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I have been checking pH daily with the set that came with my pH up/down and also a decent mid-range Apera pH pen since I’m paranoid.

I know I am definitely above the ideal temps, although I have read a ton of folks saying they have run in higher temps with either a sterile res or using hydroguard, so I figured I’d give it a try

I’ll lower the water level and see where that gets me. Thank you!

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45% rh doesn’t seem pretty low given the lights distance and the low rh? Maybe just a mix of low rh and the light/heat. I always try the simplest solution and see it’s affects. If it’s low rh issues it should clear up quickly. If it’s nutes/water ph issues, from what I’ve read, being hydro the decline would be quick. Try raising your rh and see if the curling starts to level out. Here’s a vpd chart to show you why I think rh. Look up symptoms for leaf curling up cannabis. Good luck!